Post up them projects

Way to go Wolfpack! I too was on the Ranger during the Storm

What a crazy place to run into people from the Ranger. I was ships company (AMH1 in IM2 Div) from 1987 to 1992.

Outstanding grain in the walnut deer!

Im a old school machinist, all manual machines, working with wood is a new thing for me. The maple and walnut both have a nice shimmer to them and each look better in real life, as opposed to a picture. Started a second one last night for my auntie and uncle.

I made 4 deployments on CV-61. I was ships company from 77-81. Later I made two more deployments while attached to VF-1 from 90-93. I even have a Rangers last ride certificate around here someplace.

Here is a tool insert project made on the Onefinity.
Using a 3 and 6mm Datron 3 flute end mill. Note that for milling foam, conventional leaves a better finish than climb milling.


Iv recently been thinking about doing the same thing after seeing some of the tool box wars, yours came out great! What was your method for turning your tools into a vector file to make your tool paths?

My son is a sound engineer. I cut out some foam tool holders for my sons flight case he uses for his tools. He set the screen to actual size and placed the tools against the screen. He traced the outline of them using an illustrator package.



Not finished yet. But this is my first project i completed from design to cut. Wheelwell Cabinets and interior plywood carrier is next.


Very well done! I can concur that conventional cuts are far better with foam than climb cuts. I also wanted to mention that, when cutting “Kaizen” foam, I run as fast I am comfortable pushing the machine at 175 in/min and speed of 30K RPM, as the material wants to flex/bend to get out of the way of the bit. Using this brute force speed approach has worked very well for me.


Got my CNC back in June; this is my first project. :roll_eyes: I’m happy with the results, but walnut may be too dark. I may try MDF and paint it with a silver metallic paint.


Wow, that is really nice work!!

Well done indeed. Is there a flip side to that coin o_O

Back is smooth. I’m thinking about engraving the back as well, but need to come up with a strategy for keeping alignment. Also not sure how to display where both sides are visible.

Finally organized my bit drawer


Looks nice!

I just finished a similar tray.


I debated for the past 10 months or so whether I should leave them in the cases. Each had its pros and cons. Ultimately I lost a bunch of the cases so my decision was made. Now I cant read some of the numbers on the 1/8" ones so broke out a magnifier and wrote them on the tray. I even debated engraving it, but I figured this I can erase and change if needed.


Salad dressing DIY setup with calibrated measurement recipe cards. Too much soy & other nasty ingredients in store-bought dressings (even the so-called ‘healthy’ variety), so my wife likes to make her own.


Somehow, she’s hotter than I remember…

Very clever, I like the choice of materials.

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