Post up them projects

Done with carving, three panels made of white oak each about 30" tall (76ish cm), 20" wide (50ish cm) and about 3/4" (2cm) thick.

Design was a heavily modified topographic map, all done in Vcarve and cut with a 1/4" upcut bit. The finishing pass helped clean things up a lot.

Not sure how I plan to seal/stain it. The panels keep cupping which is annoying.
Overall happy with how it turned out!


You might glue them to plywood panels with construction adhesive. That should help with the cupping once you seal the top surface.


Tried to mimic fire a little for this lamp.


Beautiful design, I love the two different woods!

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Thank you good tip, trying that this weekend!

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I am finally up and going with my Woodworker Elite. Wow I can’t believe how this thing cuts and works! I used it to surface my cutting board then playing around with a cheese board and then I wanted to see how this machine did with Vcarving. On Pine.


These look GREAT. Thanks for sharing. I also live in Lou, and was wondering if you pour black resin in the dark area’s or use a laser to burn. We are thinking about adding a laser to our OF.

Thank you! If it was a project for sale or a commission then definitely use some epoxy, but this was kind of a quick carve with a new bit and trying to ‘understand’ my new machine. I also would have done a more swallow carve. I did not set a flat depth just ‘to see’ lol. Was also curious if the saying would get any reaction.

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For this project I used the Onefinity to carve the neck, cut the fret slots, and the mother of pearl inlays on the fretboard and peg head.


I find it rewarding to see a 1F being used as part of a total product build such as this! I’m also thankful that you shared this video with us.


Test run for a bigger project for student services at my Alma mater in Iowa.

FWIW, it was on the stage at that small school in NW Iowa in Jan 16 that Trump announced he could shoot someone on Fifth A enur and not lose supporters.

White oak and epoxy.


Zero clearance insert for my table saw. :grin:


I too made a master file for my table saw insert. I love the fact that I can easily make replacements now!


Created an outdoor cedar sign for a customers house (still needs a top coat applied and the hangers mounted). Total size is 4’x2.5’.
The design is on both sides. Very pleased with how it came out.

Money Bank

So I can save money to buy more CNC stuff