Presets and 5in button

You know how you’re in your car and you hit preset #1 or preset #3 or whatever to get your saved radio stations? Onefinity controller needs something like that; once you’ve homed the machine you can push a preset and send it to a specific place. Would be a huge timesaver.

Suggestion #2: please please please move the “5in” square somewhere—anywhere away from the Z- button. I don’t use a joystick and I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been pushing the Z- button, accidentally hit the 5in button then hit the Z- button again and sent the bit slamming into my workpiece.

Hey Rob,

then add to the corresponding feature request

Meanwhile you could create yourself a set of preset/offset g-code files :slight_smile:

Don’t force it. Use a larger hammer …erm, display. :wink:

+1 on what Aiph said. He assisted me recently with a gcode file that does exactly that. I have expanded on it by creating a second work offset and I keep both toolpaths loaded on my OF at all times. IMO, this is even better than a preset.

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