Prime Day Deals

I don’t see too many interesting CNC items linked to Prime Day today, but I did notice these spoil board surfacing bits:

Anyone have any experience with these inexpensive models? I’m guessing they don’t last long, but at 50% the cost of a Whiteside, might be good for a single spoil board flattening exercise?

Solid state relays are on deal though!


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Hey Tom those relays don’t seem to be on a deal according to CCC

Just an FYI, we use relays like them at work all over. The back is aluminum to act like a heat sink. We mount them to metal and use heat sink compound. You may never have an issue just mounting one to wood but there’s the possibility of it overheating.

Hi Nick - looks like they are $14.58 - a whole dollar less than normal :confused:

They were $18 when I looked yesterday!