Problem with Web UI: Set X/Y/Z Axis Position. Anyone else seeing this

Hi All,

Sanity check question. I can’t find any discussion of this, so I’m wondering if it’s just me, or there’s a secret I’m missing.

Got the Onefinity controller running v1.3.0. Using the connected Touch Display, all works as expected.

But when connecting through the Web UI, data entry for setting axes position is screwy. When the “Set X Axis Position” dialog is displayed, typing

Typing a decimal (“.”) in natural sequence isn’t possible. When the “.” key is pressed,
the cursor jumps to the beginning of field. That applies to “.” on the main keyboard or numeric keypad.

The only way (that I’ve found) to get the desired value is to
a) use the touch display (or maybe keyboard connected directly to the controller, not tired that)
b) first type all the digits “1235” then move cursor to the desire position and enter “.”. For some reason, when the cursor is placed between digit I’ve gotten myself into trouble only once with a misplaced cursor. :crazy_face:

Anyone else seeing this?

I’m thinking this is maybe a bug in the input validation code. In general entering “.” has a variety of behaviors depending on the contents of the field and the cursor position. Some of them make good sense, a few of them (like what’s described above) do not, and feel like unintended side-effects of the validation.

Is it possible your NumLock key on the keyboard is not set?

@mwaddelus Described behavior isn’t limited to the numeric keypad, it’s the same when entered on the main keyboard.

But at one point I did try that anyway. Toggling NumLk off causes the numeric keypad keys like ‘2’ and ‘8’ to behave like spinners. And simultaneously the the 3D View is manipulated by keys ‘8’, ‘4’, ‘6’, and ‘2’

Hey Greg,

I don’t use this firmware and I don’t use the Onefinity User Interface directly on the box (only remote over network), but I have this effect when I attach an AT-style keyboard to a Notebook that has no numeric keypad but has numeric keypad emulation enabled on the main keys.

If you have NumLock set to off, usually you have Mouse navigation keys enabled on the numeric keypad.

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Hi Aiph5u,

When you say

I have this effect when I attach an AT-style keyboard to a Notebook that has no numeric keypad but has numeric keypad emulation enabled on the main keys

by “this effect” do you mean the problem I describe in the original post? Or do you mean the NumLk behavior (which I consider normal) described in my response to Michael’s suggestion?

To clarify, I am connecting to the Onefinity web interface remotely over network. I’m connecting from a desktop system with proper AT keyboard. Actually, I see this behavior when connecting remotely from multiple systems (desktop and notebook). And the problematic behavior I outlined in the original post occurs when using the main keyboard (i.e. not numeric keypad) keys.

Unless I’m misunderstanding, I don’t think this is a numeric keypad thing…

Hey Greg,

no, can’t reproduce that on the original post, but as I said I’m not on the new firmware, I’m on v1.0.9. I would assume this is a v1.3.x issue and I would report it there.