Problems with Machinist

The current tool path file would move 0.5 in above axis limit with the current offset.

This is the error message i get with others in trying to do the Napkin Holder from Vectric projects. I also Im getting file errors in trying to do other Vectric Projects. It was working perfectly then it turned into a huge paperweight. Not knowing what im doing Im at a loss. Is there a rest for the Buildbotics to reset it back to the start on settings??? Any suggestions? Im so depressed. Dont know what caused this at all.

Sounds like your origin (X, Y, Z zero) isn’t set correctly

Start out homing the machine then set my xyz positions everything is great but when I load the gcode I get errors from that one I listed to lots of others mostly in Z but now even X . It was working great then all of a sudden nothing works. Tried reboot reinstall Vcare, New project download incase it was bad. Nothing works. Paperweight machine now.

Where do you find ALL the system settings? The paperwork online doesn’t show anything. Ive also had the settings on my Calibration Block change twice now. Maybe after updates?? Going to stop automatic updates and see if that stops that. Thanks.