Really frustrated (Over / Under toolpath warnings)

Its really odd i use to use the machine feeling comfortable but now its nerve rackimg but getting more relaxed again as times went on. There for awhile i was so confused becuase i was told user error for everything that i thought how did i uae thia for a cpl weeks and now i cant seem to turn power on lol yeah that aure threw in wrench in my learning for sure.
Ive ovwr come moat it and back to using it as id first learnt
Yeah ive made some errirs alright. Yeag man. Like .635 too deep an error that was a funny one. Got lucky machine and bit both survived. I know if anyone had seen my face that day knew i was sumb founded and going wtf lol i couldnt even hit the kill switch and just stood there like a deer in the headlights lol hilarious

And yes other than tryin to run 2 different tools stored as 1 file and fixing the wire connector ive nit had no issues with ivwr under errors on the z and thats what wire was bad was the z axis
Now ive had under over errors on x and y but all do to origin of job calculated for center and not left lower corner but easy fix takes 2 mins when you forget to change your settings when usung the cam side instrad od the design cad side
Master the siftware youll master this machine easy its nit complicated as far as the mechanical goes.

thanks but all is well here after fixing my connector pin. im back to normal again everything working as it should. Ive basiclly built a new machine. only thing ive not done is build the controller electronics lol
Resetting the micro sd card was a challenge. I hope to never have to do that again. but I think the whole issue was confusing to me because everything i was instructed to do seemed to work ok then boom my issue would arrise again. which was the pin pushed back in a connector for the z axis
I got ran thru wringer for what a week finding it though lol
Support finally caught the issue and sent me new wires like in 2 days which is greatly appreciated
I will know if it ever happens again though lol i doubt it will i dont plan to be discconecting and connecting wires no more. It all happened when I moved the machine off the wall mounts. i like mine on a bench laying flat. i can sit my work piece on the spoilboard and go grab my clamps and nothing falls off lol


Sorry for the delay in response. I’m just seeing this for the first time. If you are using vectric software, the option is on the left when you are starting a new file. Where it asks for the size and thickness of your material. Download below that there’s a picture with 5 dots. Select the one that you will be using as your x0y0 on your machine.
You probably already know that but just wanted to make sure.