RS-485 breakout board to vfd communication cable

Hi trying to line everything up for when my machine gets here seen plenty of videos how to connect a vfd spindle but none that say what size wire to use for the RS-485 breakout board to vfd communication cable.I know it has to be shielded but my question is what type and gauge size is best.Any help would be greatly appreciated

I use unshielded telephony cable. Right or wrong i cant say but it works just fine. I probably have about 8m in length (excess coiled) because i wasnt sure at the time where each item in my set up would finaly make a home. Telephony cable because a had a large roll of it kicking around in my garage.

My vfd cable is a good quality shielded cable.

HI thank you just going to wait till it gets here to wire it up,working on the bench right now

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I used this shielded security cable for all of my low voltage/low current needs in this build, including the RS-485 connection. It comes out to $0.14/ft for a 500ft roll and there is more than enough to go around, plus some left over for future projects.

But I think the documentation says you can get away with just twisting a pair of wires together if that’s all you really need.

As AndyP mentioned, you will need a proper cable for connection from the VFD to the spindle.

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Thank you everyone 18/2 was the answer I was looking for,just went on ebay

didn’t feel like buying a whole roll10’ should be plenty.I almost went with the bulkman ultimate bee but stumbled across the onefinity and the support groups and i was sold.As a former machinist I can appreciate the heavy duty structure of the machine .The very HARD part is waiting 3 months for it to arrive !