Running file twice

Since having to run a file twice to have it cut all the way through (see my upcut/downcut question), after my 1st cut finished, I moved the 1f out of the way using the joystick to analyze. I assumed I could just press play again and it would keep same origin, but after pressing play, the bit restarted about .125” over from the original cut. Is this correct? If I would have changed bits and/or cut files between, shouldn’t the zero stayed the same?

Just like my 3d printer, learning this beast one operator error at a time and loving every minute of it.

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Yes, it should have stayed the same. I’ve done it many times. As long as you didn’t change the zero or change the bit, it should cut exactly the same.

How aggressive were you cutting? Could you have lost some steps?

Did you move the work piece at all when you looked at it? That would be the only other thing i can think of, unless its as Storm27m suggested


It shouldn’t have done that, but I had the similar issues early on. I think the fix that worked was that I was moving at the highest speed possible and either a slipping drive coupling (found that later), or if the amperage/voltage triggers the “stall” limits, it can actually reset itself to a new position during the travel. You’ll know if the stall limits were triggered when you line up the bit to your zero start point and see either the X or Y is no longer at zero. If I’m going to cut the file again, I manually drive the bit to zero X and Y, and determine if it is still at my (for me) lower left start point. If not, then I know it lost position during the move. I think Onefinity is aware that can happen ( the stall current while traveling) and I think I heard they are going to “lock out” the changes after starting a file.