Screen grey's out and says disconnected

First real problem with the Onefinity, I was doing a carve, on my 3rd tool change, I changed the bit. Turned on the hand held remote, the machine wouldn’t move. Touched the Z- on the touch screen and the screen grayed out and said disconnected, then went back to normal. Touched the Y+ button on the screen and it grayed out again and said disconnected. I hit the screen refresh button and the screen refreshed. I hit the Y+ button on the screen and it grayed out again. I had to turn off the controller via the screen and restart, and re home. Any ideas on this one? I am using 1.0.8.

Try separating each tool with it’s own file.

I use Carveco Maker +, you have to save each file separate. This is my routine. I turn on the machine, home it, load file, zero X,Y,Z, then run that tool path. When that tool is complete, I delete the previous file, load new file zero Z and then cut. Rinse and repeat. So I don’t think it is that.