Touchpad Grey Out and Says Disconnected Mid Project

Okay I have seen a few posts where other users are saying they got disconnected notice on there touchpad as well but I haven’t seen any as to why or how to prevent this.

I was running a multi tool job. Each job was broken out into sperate files per @OnefinityCNC direction. So after the main cut, when I went to load the second job, the screen kept giving the disconnected warning. I don’t understand how this is possible when it is directly connected. This isn’t the first time it has happened just the first time mid job. As many are aware, this is an issue because the Onefinity doesn’t always home back to to exactly the same location.

Any advice would be appreciated.

its a bug and will be fixed in the next firmware.
to bypass for now, push play, then push stop again…it will clear the disconnected.


Thank you Onefinity Team for the prompt response!

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i am running 1.08 and i am having this problem

its fixed in the 1.09 firmware, install it!

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