Secure from above controller - changing wasteboard?

Am I missing something? The bolts to mount the controller go through the wasteboard, so if I need to change my wasteboard the controller needs to dismounted too?

Edit: using rolling frame as well

Hey Imsofluffy,

I don’t think so. According to the instructions (page 28), the controller and the wasteboard sit both on the tabletop, side by side.

If you mean the QCW Frame, it does not contain a place for the controller.

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I’m using the secure from above with the rolling stand and the instructions are a bit different. Sorry I should have been more clear

Page 18

Hey Imsofluffy,

damn, you are right. I never had a closer look at this paper since I was not interested in the Rolling folding Stand.

Well, as for the controller attachment, it’s a minimalist design, isn’t it. There could be better ideas on how to implement a better mounting option for the controller, but it would take a little more effort.

How is it supposed to work with the QCW Frame Secure From Above? Now I fully understand your question! :slight_smile:

I think I would try to drill four new holes into the T-track extrusions to mount the controller separately from the wasteboard. And to avoid clashing with the nuts for the secure from above, I would slide small spacers onto the new, shorter bolts to have the controller “hover” them with about 1/4" clearance.

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Hey onefinitycnc,

thank you, I watched that now. It is exactly as I imagined, after having thought about it for a moment. And it answers the original poster’s question: No, you cannot exchange (at least this part of) your wasteboard without detaching your controller.

It seems like the design could be improved. I’m pretty sure at some point someone will forget to hold on to the controller and drop it changing the wasteboard.

I ended up routing a recess in the wasteboard and putting the controller on top of the t track instead.


Hey Imsofluffy,

Obviously :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if this would happen, since at least the increased resistance when loosening the bolts, because of the double nuts on the longer bolts, will show you that there is something down there :slight_smile:

If you exchange your wasteboard more often, this is always some extra work, on the other side of the wasteboard :frowning: Also with this, it is not possible to detach the controller without detaching the wasteboard.

I like my solution mentioned above better. It is a more durable solution, which makes the controller attachment completely independent of the wasteboard, both can be detached separately.


I’m reluctant to drill into the t tracks but I can see the benefits of your recommendation.

I’d like to see pics if possible. I just upgraded mine to the journeyman so I had to upgrade the QCW and have now run into this issue that’s being discussed.