Sheet goods handling finally easy!

I have started to use the vcarve pro box make to make a bunch of cabs with drawers’ custom sizes to fit into different nooks and crannies in and around my shop. the problem for me was full sized sheets of plywood and the handling thereof. well, no more. I bought a pivoting sheet goods thing that has been a godsend yes it was 200 bucks, but it was worth every penny. since we all use sheet goods at one time or another i thought it was appropriate to mention it on the forum. I know it isn’t exactly onefinity based but it is a usefull tool for cnc’ers so why not. This is the one i got
WoodRiver Deluxe Panel Cart


Hey Robert,

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I bought a couple of these Toughbuilt sawhorses that have little flip out leg thingies to hold sheets of plywood which makes it a bit easier to cut them down to size. No casters for rolling it around though unfortunately.

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