Shipping dates . .

Has anyone received the Z motor with brake and/or the Tool Setter and/or the Jenny Bit set. I ordered both on the first Monday they were available (hoping to get one of the few they were supposed to ship before Christmas). I received the 44w Laser but nothing else.

I got the tool setter a week ago, no motor yet

My Z motor arrived in Germany on sunday night but somehow the brake triggered at customs…

I ordered both within minutes of the brake release. I asked last week and was told they are waiting on parts for the tool setter. Wish I had ordered the brake separately. I just got my new elite and would much prefer to install the brake now than take it apart again later.

Similar story here…

I have confirmation and receipt for my order for the Brake and Tool Setter. The time stamp on the PayPal payment receipt is Monday, December 4, 2023, at 9:07:08 (Central). Since then, I’ve heard nothing. Now, when I login to the Onefinity site to access the “My Orders” tab, none of my past orders are displayed…the circle just keeps rotating. Quite disconcerting.

I hope Onefinity arrives at the realization that under promising and over delivering is far better than over promising and under delivering.

We just added the orders ability on our site but it can’t pull up past orders. We’re shipping out orders that had both this week as we had a small batch of tool setters but order demand was 10x larger than expected. It’s coming, we promise!

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By 9:07 we had sold well above 500 tool setters :slight_smile: . You were really late :slight_smile:

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I’m truly happy to hear of the success, and I realize that “a limited number will ship before Christmas” could mean one unit. However, when the announcements stated shipping would start in 2-3 weeks for the Tool Setter and 1-2 weeks for the Brake, it set an expectation.

If demand was 10x larger than expected and resulted in shipping delays, communicating that to the affected customers would be beneficial. I believe Onefinity could do a better job of managing customer expectations through better communication.


I don’t understand your comment about not being able to pull up past orders. For several days I have been logging in the Onefinity website and accessing my orders, It showed my order history including my Elite Journeyman, Carvco software, the Z-20 Spindle upgrade, my Stiffy, and showed my order for the Brake and Tool Setter as “Confirmed.” That information was available until just a couple days ago when the My Orders page would no longer load.

Thank you for fixing the My Orders tab so that I can see my order history again…


So, I still do not see any updates to set some expectation. I know 1F is working hard to ship what they can. Can we have some estimation/target date at least for the first day orders. Are we waiting additional weeks/months or whenever… I have many things to do, like to able to manage/plan my time for Elite upgrade and tool stiffy/tool setter/brake add on as makes sense to do them all. Looking at my shiny pwnCNC spindle boxes… and patiently waiting…

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1F has to be one of the worst companies when it comes to actually shipping. Over a month ago I ordered a stiffy. At the time it said 1 to 2 weeks. It still hasn’t shipped and when I sent them an email asking when it was I got nothing from them. I started an upgrade when I ordered the stiffy thinking I would have the stiffy by now. My 1F has been sitting partially finished for weeks now.

I’m a hobbyist so I don’t need my CNC router. But if I was a business and counted on it to make money, I think I would go with a different brand. Back when I first ordered the machine they were saying “we are a small company”. But that was 3 years ago. By now they should be much better.

Send an email to and we will look into it for you.

I did yesterday. Haven’t heard back. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Journeyman. I love that I was able to go from a woodworker up to it without dealing with selling then buying a new machine. It’s just the delay in shipping that’s an issue. In fact I bought the upgrade stepper to make it a Pro from Steppers online directly simply because I didn’t want to wait. I also don’t buy bits from you. I know that there are times when you will tell us that there’s a shortage of parts and that helps. It’s just hard to plan around how long the wait will be. Plus, being in the US, there’s the delay at the border.

There’s no email to under your name.

It was sent to the email address that was at the bottom of the email reply. So if I needed assistance I shouldn’t have used the email address you sent me?

This is the quote from your email:

" Need Assistance? Contact us.
We’ll do everything we can to make sure you have a great experience with us.
Call us: 1-888-717-4242
Email us:"

Yes, you did use the right email.

That’s a different department than those who monitor the support forum :slight_smile: send us an email support@onefinitycnc and we will see if we can help as well. We’re trying to go above and beyond for you.

Another data point
I ordered an Elite Woodworker November 10 and received it today. That’s an interval of nine weeks and one day including both shipping and the holiday closure. Accessories ordered December 4 (motor with brake + tool setter) were included in the shipment.

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Still waiting on my Brake and tool setter. Last items I am waiting on to finish my upgrade… Hoping soon but still no email notice. Expecting by next week, but will check in, if I don’t see a pre-shipping email early next week.

I ordered the brake and tool setter the 1st sale day. I sent an email 2-3 weeks ago asking about my order delivery and was told they were waiting on parts which they would supposedly receive early Jan.

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