Shipping updates?

Shipping notice received!

Woodworker X-50
Order No. 27794
Placed on Mar 29, 2022
Shipping notice received: Apr 26, 2022, delivery expected Apr 29, 2022

Also ordered a dust boot, probe, joystick and the 8" screen.


Well, you may have a few more days to get ready… I received a UPS update that changed the projected delivery date for my 1F to Monday…. I feel like I’m 10 waiting on Christmas!


Shipping update!

Just received a shipping notice for my X50 Journeyman (28APR2022).

Ordered: Feb 22, 2022. #26723

Also ordered Dust boot, probe, corded joystick.
Garage is ready and waiting!


After a long journey, my Journeyman X-50 departed from Canada and arrived in Korea via Ohio and Germany. (18000km)


The Journeyman arrived in a beautiful condition with no damage as pictured.
It was originally scheduled to arrive on April 27, but the customs had a one-day delay due to the difference between the item name on the certificate of origin and the item name on the invoice.


I haven’t opened the box yet as it’s due to be installed over the weekend.
I look forward to tomorrow coming soon.

Thank you Team Onefinity !!!

Order # : 26069
Ordered : 02/07/2022


Glad to see it arrive intact. I still have a couple small additions to finish up mine. I’m heading out for a little spoil board flattening right now. Have fun with it this weekend.


You’ve got your Journeyman Congratulations.
We are ready to install everything.
After installation and completion, I think we will receive an order for 150,000 products to be processed with Journeyman.
I have to order an additional Journeyman, but I think wating another 12 weeks will make it hard for me.
I wish you always healthy and happy days.


That’s fantastic to get an order like that. I’d be surprised if you didn’t need several more Journeymen to fulfill that. Congratulations!

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Order #27777 here. Got my shipment notification for my X50 WW a few days ago. Ordered 28 March. Expected delivery date 3 May!


Hey… just curious… what is the plumbing on your table for? do you have vacuum plumbed to your table bed for holding your workpiece, or is that for dust extraction?


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Received my Journeyman Friday, April 29th. Ordered it Feb. 20. Order # 26474.


Congrats. Now to set it up and get some projects going. Have fun.

Received Shipping notice today for my Order #27143 X50 Journeyman for delivery this Saturday! I was dragging my feet on router, touch screen, and some other incidentals expecting it around Memorial Day. Basically a month early!

So to the other procrastinators be ready sooner than you might expect!


Almost here! I got my shipping notice this afternoon! Jouneyman X50 Order # 27156 Date: March 7. That’s 9 weeks this coming Monday! I guess it’s time to finish the table. I thought I had a couple of weeks. I am NOT complaining! Can’t wait to contribute to “Post them Failures”!


Hi Bill, yep I got the same notice. How could they do that me. I was all ready for it, as you, then POP
back down to earth. but I did receive it on the second of May and took my time putting it together.
It running now but I haven’t been able to carve anything yet because it won’t read my files off my thumb drive. Actually I’m here looking for some advice when I saw your post. Maybe you have some ideaI could try. My files are visible on the screen but X ed out when I choose them. One more thing, do I need to have a physical connection from machine to modem in order to use my laptop.
Its like I have my machine but I don’t have it. Anyway, good chatting with you and I appreciate any help.

The USB drive needed is USB 2. It is possible that the drive you have is USB 3.

Hey Dave,

This is not true. You do not need to have a USB 2.0 drive. USB 3.0 drives work perfectly with Onefinity Controller.

However I don’t think the USB drive is Philip’s issue, as he already can see his files on USB drive:

It might be that Philip’s issue was already answered here.

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Sorry for entering bad information but I had seen that entered so many times with no refute that I thought it was the reason. Thanks for setting me straight…


Hey Dave,

yes, this is true, seen many times :frowning:

:wink: :slight_smile:

Now I wait for other half :smiley:
Order 27974
X50 Journeyman

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Taking the ceremonious picture of the new toy. Really looking forward to getting this thing running.

Order 26982. Ordered March 1st arrived earlier than anticipated May 7th.