Shop Vac PVC Adapters

Testing the waters for something…

Like many of my fellow CNC’ers, I’m using a Shop Vac (even if it’s not a Shop Vac brand) for my dust collection on my Onefinity… but I couldn’t leave well enough alone & I designed & built my own Cyclone separator.
In doing so, I used 2" PVC plumbing pipe for everything except for the hose going to the dust hood.
Finding a Shop Vac to 2" PVC pipe adapter isn’t something you can run to the local big box store & find, so I roughed out a couple to get me by until I was more comfortable with my CNC skills & I’ve made a fixture that will more easily (and safely) let me make these adapters.

The adapter plugs into every Shop Vac brand shop vac I have as well as my new Hart (Walmart brand) vac. and will give you a 2" PVC pipe output where you can easily connect couplings, elbows, Tees, etc without grinding away at your PVC pipe, jamming a pipe in a hole it’s not designed for or the last resort… duct tape.

Each adapter will be about 2" long, all you need to do is plug the modded end into your Vac.

Just wondering if this is something a few people would be interested in before I make a ton of them.
Pricing will probably be a couple bucks each plus shipping.

Can I see some pics of what you’re talking about

Here’s a few pics for your enjoyment…

Very nice. I’ve made a few similar adapters with my 3-d printer - I have a Fein vac, and connections to my miter saw and another hose for 1" connections (sander, biscut cutter) needed an adapter to fit tightly.