Showing RedDog's spoil boards and RowdyRoman's hose boom and PWN's dust boot with rear hose

Showing RedDog’s spoil boards and RowdyRoman’s hose boom and PWN’s dust boot with rear hose connection.

Edit to add: Also shown is my new Bucktool dust collection unit. It turns out that the Bucktool dust collector is much louder than I anticipated compared to my shop vac. I’m glad to be able to still be able to use my shop vac from the front and my Bucktool from the rear. I’ll use my shop vac for things like MDF or most cuts due to the noise. My shop is in my basement, and the Bucktool noise on the 2nd floor is not pleasant.

Also, I discovered that some random GoPro adapter naturally fits the front of the router. I plan on printing a GoPro holder for my Blink Mini to replace what’s shown here.