Steampunk / Rustic Laptop Stand

Created a laptop stand over the weekend for the wife, whose been managing with a stack of books for longer than I prefer to admit. It’s designed to have a rustic / steampunk vibe; and to match a black-pipe lamp I made last year with a similar design.

Fairly basic use for the Onefinity, just cutting out the outer contour of the top, and the vent grooves, and the contour of the base. I had to do the chamfering manually with the router, as I didn’t have any 1/4" chamfer tooling (only 1/8" for my Nomad 883, or 3/8"+ for my Grizzly).

It may seem tall, but it sits on a standing desk, and the height was intentional to overcome glare, and other angled needs for use of the built-in camera, hence the need for all the stacked books prior :laughing:

Designed in Fusion360, after a pencil sketch.

  • 1/2" black-pipe with couplers and flanges for legs
  • 1/2" Red Oak (top)
  • 3/4" Red Oak doubled up for base
  • Brass screws for attachment



Well done Tim! I’m sure she really liked it, and hope she enjoys it.


Nice job Tim! Might have been nice to snake the cables down the pipes and out of the base, like a table lamp. :sunglasses:

But then again, I notice that the laptop has its ports on the side -

Yeah, I’d actually thought about that, or even adding in wireless charging into the base, but in the end, none of the cables are permanent fixtures either (power cable often moves with the laptop if needed, etc). 1000 ways to expand on this, but this is what she wanted :laughing:

Great job. Like thinking with the partner/user to come up with a great idea.

That’s awesome. Now I want to make one. I think I will add a tray area on the base for reading glasses, pens, etc. Thank you for the idea. I envy people like you that are creative and can come up with such projects.

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I initially had some slots and pockets in the base. I had similar on the prior mentioned lamp, but again, she wanted this one to be basic.

I have no problem sharing the designs if you’d like to leverage. (OpenSource)

Thanks for the offer. I’m going to stop by Lowes and see what size pipe is available and makeup some plans using your pics as reference.

Beware, the last 1/2" floor flanges I bought from Lowe’s were junk. The tapped hole was not perpendicular to the flange face. I was able to swap them with some good ones I had for a project that was not critical. In this case, I needed good flanges (much like the application shown here) or else my controller support would be crooked. All that said, you may want to give the flanges a spin on a pipe nipple to see if it has severe runout, or if it spins nice & flat.

Same held true on my end (Home Depot) - I ended up screwing on the pipe, and turning down the bottom of the flanges in my lathe, this ensured the pipes extended up perpendicular to the base. (plenty of behind the scenes work, to make it as it is) :wink:

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I was wishing I had a lathe at the time! :sunglasses:

I went by Lowes but didn’t buy anything yet. I did take a picture of the pipes and connectors so I can calculate price. When I do buy, I guess I will fit everything together in the store to see how far out it is.

My wife has wanted to build something from these pipes forever. If I build this, I may have to build something else…

Tim I love the design. Really cool, just like some trivets I have seen with that pattern.

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Nice job Tim! I really like the design and the craftsmanship!