Stuttering noise

So I posted this onto the FB page but just in case someone doesn’t have FB and was having the same problem, I wanted to share what I thought was a problem.
Once I turned my machine on, I would drive it to the front (towards me) so I could change the bit out or make an adjustment but every time I moved it, it would make a terrible like stuttering or jumping noise from the left side rail. Once I got the gantry to the front it would crash into the end of the rail like it wanted to keep going.
As it turns out, with the great instructions from Onefinity, If you do not home the machine first and decide to drive it around it will make that jumping or stuttering noise and it will slam into the end of the rail because it doesn’t know where to stop. Homing fixed both of these problems. I tried it 4 times in a row with success each time.
My concern was the machine was not aligned correctly or just broken but that was not the case.
I posted a link of the video I made showing the stuttering.


Glad you posted this here! Facebook is fine, but this forum is searchable and your experience will certainly help others in here!


My best guess would be that that rail is slightly mis- aligned, have you tried to do the set up procedure again?

no. he didn’t home the machine and while he was moving the y backwards with the left joystick he was also moving the x to the left…which was trying to keep moving even though it was at the end of the rail.


Thank you for posting here. And your assumption is correct, not all of us have Facebook. Thank you again. I do not get my dream machine until December, but like reading posts here.