Subsequent job homing

When I first start up the 1F, I don’t home it. I set Z height first with the provided spacer. Then I use the M3 S01 command to line up my X and Y and zero them. Load my gcode and everything works great. When the job finishes, I turn on the joystick, move the laser away from the work piece and replace the work piece with something new. Set Z off the new piece and then when I go to use the M3 S01 command again to get the X and Y for the new piece it doesn’t turn the laser on. I have tried using a higher S command, all the way up to 25, but it never turns back on. I used a test piece and told the laser to start the new program without setting a new X and Y, and it started engraving like it was supposed to, albeit slightly off from where I wanted it due to the lack of an accurate X and Y. The only way I have found to set a new X and Y is to turn off the laser AND the 1F and start the whole thing over again. Am I missing a step or messing something up? Or is that just the way it goes? Thanks in advance.

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Hey Ryan!, After you have finished your first operation with the laser, try hitting the program ‘Stop’ button (the square), right next to the program start button. I find this ‘Resets’ the controller functions and allows me to re-zero, etc.

Steve, appreciate the advice. I gave it a shot, but sadly I still had the same results.