Sunflowers on poplar

This is an end panel for a living room project. I snapped the photo during staining since it looked so cool. This is about 28x11-in.


Wow, Kenny. That looks really nice. Two questions, where did you get the design? And how did you smooth out the " fur" I always get with poplar? I’ve made a few projects using funky pieces of poplar, odd colours,occlusions and live bark edges. Always gets comments on “how’d you do that”. No one realised that wood can come like that.:smiley: Poplar and ash are my two favourite hardwoods, still reasonably priced and nice to work with.

Hi Charles,

The STL file is from Etsy, but I’ve seen the sunflowers on free sites. Check I think it’s there.

To “smooth out the fur” I used a Skinny Jenny and a stepover of 0.01 at a 5-degree angle. Afterward, I buffed the whole thing with a rotary tool with a puffy Scotch-Bright pad, and then some pencil-style sanding sticks.

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Thanks. Thought I was going to be retiring my Foredom when I fire up my Onefinity but looks like I may still have a use for it.

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