Test part request

I do ask. can you include a test part to verify the machine is working and together correct? I know you include the team onefinity thing. include a test cut part that we can cut out to see the machine working. is that possible? This is my first cnc (my fusion 360 knew right when to expire) and no i dont run a bis

The sign that comes with your machine is a test part cut on YOUR machine. They are not mass produced. Also the file they used to cut it is stored on your machine when you get it, so if you want to cut it on your own you just need to put down some stock material and hit play. (of course, zero and home etc.)



i thought about that. but was worried (im new at this) about bit size i was using vs the ones that you used at factory? i guess i should have just asked what bit? :slight_smile:

They use a 1/4 bit at the factory, but when I got mine I used a 1/8 bit to run it and it was fine. The letters are skinnier but it worked fine.


This thread is good to know, as my machine is not here yet and now i will know what to do for my first cut.

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I can also confirm. I tossed in a 1/4 bit. also have probe. ran code on machine. cut fine. cut one with a 1/8 bit as well. my 1/4 was upcut the 1/8th was downcut I wanted to see the difference:)