To my Vcarve users? Question

So image below. Let’s say I want to cut the background to .05 below the surface, but I want the circles to stay untouched. I can’t for the life of me figure that out, been like 3 days. . Every time I set a pocket behind the circles, it cuts through the Circles. In Easel all I have to do is bring the circles to the front with a depth of zero and it automatically knows not to touch that area. Thanks in advance.

Create another vector around your material boundary. Select all vectors. Now do your pocketing toolpath.


That worked… Thank you.

Can you help me understand how selecting all vectors then pocketing made this work? In my mind selecting all vectors would actually pocket all selected vectors, including the circles… I see it doesn’t work that way, just want clarification so I understand how this works. Thanks again.

I think it’s just a convention that the software assumes that nested vectors are “islands” instead of pockets. I think it works the same way in Estlcam.