Touch Screen Cables / Power Supply Needed?

I am looking for a decent quality right angle HDMI connector for the touch-screen.

Has anyone found any that work? I just received one from Amazon that was too loose in the socket.

I found a right angle USB but the HDMI was a no-go.

I also noticed that the display will work without using the power supply. I can only assume that it is getting the power from the HDMI or USB. I realize this will be a little more current draw on the controller but is this a problem? If I could get away with one less cable that would be fantastic.


This is the one I got. Fits correctly.

That’s not a good thing. It won’t stay powered on reliably unless you attach the power USB-C to a wall wart.

Thanks! I appreciate it! I am looking for a cable that angles down rather than back but maybe this MFG makes one that will work.

Regarding running without a PS, I only left mine on for 5 or 10 minutes but it didn’t seem to blink.

I found a 3.5mm right angle power extension cable but I guess the inside diameter wasn’t right. It would lose power when wiggled. If I could find the right connector I would just cut the cable and solder in a replacement. I might take the screen apart and see if I can get a caliper on that inner pin.

The cables that came with the screen are nice… but frankly unmanageable. I had planned on not even using the supplied monitor and just run through my computer but I decided to go ahead and hook it up. Then I lost hours of my life trying to find workable cables. Such has been my life.

Getting close to putting this silly thing in the closet like my original plan.

Was that while the 1F was cutting a project? The controller doesn’t use much power when idling but the power need goes way up when the RPi is running a program.

Yeah, they’re hanging out there defying gravity with the weight of the cable levering the connectors. I switched them to angled connectors so the moment of inertia was minimized. It’s also why I didn’t rotate the screen - where they are, the way I built my table they aren’t in jeopardy of me knocking into them as I move around the table.

I set up a laptop stand so I can use that too, but the controller & monitor let me put the laptop back inside while a project runs. I like the versatility.

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That was only sitting idle. I will take your advice and find a better connector for the PS.

It’s funny, I don’t see many differences in the pin sizes for that connector. Maybe I just received a cheap extension cable.

Right angle DC extension cables.