Uh-oh. what's this? time to panic?

This is occurring on a long finish carve. The machine keeps chugging along, but this warning screen keeps popping up. Sometimes it is motor 1, sometimes motor 3. Sometimes each one within a few lines of the other. The only thing that has changed since these warnings were not appearing has been the addition of a web cam.

Stop the job? Unplug the system? Put in a frantic call for help from Onefinity?

This discussion on the BuildBotics controller forum maybe relevant/helpful to diagnose what is happening,
Fault Output - Buildbotics Forum

Pin 21 on the DB 25 connector activates when a motor driver fault occurs. The meaning of ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ can be defined on the ‘I/O’ tab on the ‘Settings’ page. For instance, if the ‘fault’ output is configured for lo-hi, it means that the pin will be low (ground) when it is inactive and high when it is active.

Motor driver faults can occur due to incorrect motor wiring, a defective (or incompatible) motor, a bad FET, or a defective motor driver. Driver faults are also reflected on the ‘Indicators’ tab on the ‘Control’ page.

The meaning of high has changed with our latest controllers (those delivered after September of 2021). A high is now nominally 5 Volts whereas high was 3.3 Volts in older units.

The newer controllers also have an auxiliary 15-pin DSUB connector and it also presents a ‘fault’ pin. It is wired directly to the motor drivers and its state is not configurable. If the output is at 5V, no motor fault is being detected. If it is at 0V, a motor driver fault has been detected.

Hey Jim,

can you let the controller cool down (power down a few hours) and say whether the issue persists or only appears after a period of vigorous activity, and if so, how long until it reappears?

By the way, what’s the ambient temperature in your workshop?

It is 70 degrees F constant. I wouldn’t call it vigorous activity - it is a 1/16" ball nose running at 8400 RPM and 40IPM. Depth per cut is about 1/16". It has been through rigorous activity - cutting cabinet sides and drilling the shelf pin holes was a LOT more demanding (physically) than this work. Then again, this 3D job has 266,000 lines of G-Code. Maybe the controller’s brain is running hot from all the calculations …

I hesitate to say it (because we all know the problem will immediately reappear if it is mentioned) but the issue has not reappeared since I posted the first note in this thread. There are roughly 2 hours remaining. I’ll shut things down for the night and see if the messages reappear during tomorrow’s workday.

You, sir, are a mensch. Always there with a cheerful helping hand. I thank you.


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That’s because his is sitting in his living room in all the boxes :laughing: Once he sets it up we’ll never hear from him again because he’ll be making chips :wink: Assuming his wife is tolerant enough to allow him to power that puppy up. At least mine is in the garage.


Jim, you are a hard, hard man. Good on ya! :grin:

:slight_smile: My wife would have killed me if I left the boxes in the living room for even a day much less a week. I always thought she was pretty tolerant (this isn’t the first time I’ve bought something like this with not much plan as to what to do with it) but there are lines even I won’t cross. :wink:


So, did you have to seek her blessing to make this big purchase; or, did you buy and ask forgiveness after the fact?

And regarding our friend with the boxes on the living room floor … One must be careful about pushing spousal boundaries. Wives are brilliant, loving, and supportive. There’s a reason they’re known as “the better half.” When made to be angry, they can become “Tom” of “Tom and Jerry” fame. All sweetness and light while they’re plotting their revenge. You never see it coming, and then you are laying on the floor in pieces. I’ve been married for 43 years. Wouldn’t change a thing.



I bought a book about building my own (I have an idea of making a set of 3D carved entry doors for our new house so I needed something larger than the Shopbot Desktop). The doors were her idea. Then we were shopping for lights & fixtures & things like doorknobs and she saw one she loved but not the price (almost as much as the 1F). I suggested I could make these things for her. She just sighed but did not say no, don’t do that. That’s kind of like “sure, you should do that” around here :smiley:

We just celebrated 40 Saturday. I should have been more attentive & helpful with the kids but we’ve got time to make up somewhat for lost opportunities. :slight_smile:


Congrats on the 40. when you reach 50 you are off probation.


I should be off now - I met her when we were 16 and got married in college. I don’t really remember much of life without her :slightly_smiling_face:

Always told her we can never divorce because it’d be impossible to break someone new in :grin:

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We married when I was 20 and she was 21. I tried to get off probation at 50 years. She said “Oh Bud, you are old, fat, bald, ugly and have no money, go for it honey you are any woman’s dream”.

That was 54 years ago and I guess she was right!

Met at college when I was 17.

3 kids and 6 grandchildren later it’s too late to change now.

Life is good.


Hey Jim, hey Jim,


  • …would have killed me…
  • …lines I won’t cross…
  • …pushing boundaries…
  • …seek her blessing…
  • …ask forgiveness…
  • …plotting their revenge…

My goodness, when I hear you talk, I must consider myself a very happy person.

Of course, every person is a unique individual, and no matter who you are with, it is normal that you sometimes get the impression that the other is not from the same planet as you.

But I don’t know whether I should laugh or sympathize with you when I read what thoughts you have or should have had when planning the purchase of your CNC.

That sounds at times like you’re with an enemy. “Don’t cross lines”, isn’t that war terminology?

I am obviously in a minority here, because I am neither retired, nor do I need the CNC machine for my hobby (my hobby is something completely different), nor does anyone at home lack deep conviction and trust in the joint investments.

But I think this is all about respect. I believe that you should respect everyone else, especially those you live with or work with, but you also get unhappy when you are with someone who doesn’t respect you.

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Yep. My wife never even asked how much it cost. It’s just one more of my toys. She would likely be more interested if I go ahead with the Tormach I’m noodling. But that’s a year off. Or maybe when I retire.

Guys, my note was tongue in cheek. All is splendid in Tomahawk, Wisconsin.


Is this the married young and for a long time club? If so I’m IN. Married at 20 she was 18, been married now 48 years. and have a onefinity journeyman. I think I qualify. lol.


Yes, indeed. In a crazy world, a solid and deeply loving marriage is a gift. Glad to meet you.