Motor Faults motor will not run

I turned on my Onefinity Journeyman Router and got a motor fault / motor under volt / motor over load / power shut dowm and I don’t know why?

What are you using for a router? I assume this error message came up on the Onefinity controller screen? Any chance it thinks you have a spindle and can’t find it? Maybe check through your motor settings and see if it seems right.

I’m using a Makita router, and yes the error came up on the controller screen. I’ve taken a few screen shots I can send if that would be helpful. Just FYI I just used it a couple days ago and everything was fine.

Did you check your motor settings? You could also tell the controller to revert to factory settings.

I did and it looked like everything was set to the default settings?


Not sure what it is.

Do you have a db25 breakout installed?

Done a reboot? Let the controller cool down?

Have you checked all connections?

Have you asked onefinity support?

Maybe dust in the controller shorting a connection?

I’ll try all your suggestions if I don’t get anywhere I’ll contact Onefinty thanks for helping

Motor fault means a motor driver has been damaged and the controller will need to be replaced.

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Hey Rob,

You cite many errors at once. What error is it exactly? Do you have a screenshot?

To which motor (0–3) is the error related?

Motor errors can also appear if one of the motor wires are shorted between each other, or shorted to ground, e.g. like shown here. Does the motor error disappear if you disconnect the stepper motors one by one at the controller’s back?

– Image based on Source: Onefinity Controller Software Manual Version 2.0

Hey thanks for the e-mail. The motor faults affected all 3 motors and I’ve been told by Onefinity tech support that my Buildbotics controller needs replaced.

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Hey Rob,

okay, I see. Thanks for reporting!