Wasteboard too short?

New to the world of CNN so bare with me.

I built my enclosure, got my dust collection on point, flattened my wasteboard and when I went to carve the grid pattern the bit was too short to reach. So the question I have is do I pull up the wasteboard and install another 3/4" board under it and start over or is there something else I can do?

The router is as low as it can be.

Shouldn’t be. What holes did you use to mount your router on the z-axis? Maybe you have that up to high? If you are short just a 1/16" or so needed for the grid, why not just extend the bit out of the collet the 1/16"?

I did extend the bit out as far as I could. It is still 1/4" too short from even touching the wasteboard. I’m pretty sure I have the router as low as it can possibly go.

There’s 2 adjustments. Where the router fits in the mount and where the mount fits on the Z-Axis. Are you sure the Z-Axis one is low?

If that’s not it, maybe you have the software setup wrong so it doesn’t know where the bottom of the Z-Axis is. Do you have the regular one or the Elite?

I’m pretty sure it is but I’m at work currently. I have the Elite version.

That’s not possible. There’s no way for the router/bit to come short of the waste board when everything is mounted low - not unless the machine was up on custom riser blocks/stilts.

This might be the problem. :crazy_face:

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Hey Jeremy,

which holes did you use to mount the Z assembly?


Installation and Operation Instructions – Onefinity Elite Series, page 28

Are you sure you attached the Z assembly in the lowest position, to be able to work on the wasteboard?

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You’ve been extremely helpful than you for your comment.

That photo shows that the bit will plow right through your surface, smashing the router against it if you lower your Z working/cutting height all the way. How much lower do you want to go?

Hey Jeremy,

the surfacing bit was long enough but the bit you want to use for the grid is shorter? Do you have a weblink to the bit’s specs? You could buy a longer bit.

The problem is known which is why at least on the Original Series Assembling Instructions (I don’t know for Elite) Onefinity suggests a rather thick wasteboard which makes you loose Z travel effectively. The reason lies in the fact that the Onefinity Z assembly and milling motor mount strongly differs from what is usual on gantry-type cnc machines:

Video: Traditional_Z_Assembly_on_Gantry-type_CNC_machine_v2
Traditional Z Assembly: The spindle mount is able to protrude downwards beyond the end of the Z linear rails (Video)

Onefinity Z Assembly: The spindle mount is unable to protrude downwards beyond the end of the Z linear rails

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There’s another 3/4" piece of MDF sitting on top of the wasteboard.

Looks like you’ve got 2.5 to 3" more you could go down. How about a picture with it all the way down?

This ^

Dont know if im to late on this issue but i had the same issue i hade a short body router and anded an extra sheet of MDF.