X-Carve 1000mm for sale - Northern VA

I know this is a long shot here, but if anyone is interested, I’m selling my X-Carve now that I have my OF. 1000mm x 1000mm. Stock machine with nearly all the options - drag chain, waste board, xcontroller, touch plate, clamps, dust collection. $1200 OBO. Fully assembled and ready to go. Pick up or local delivery - shipping is not an option. Let me know via DM or email (xcarve@cyberreefguru.com). Thanks.


Are you still selling this?

Yes, it is still available.

Well thanks but I decided to pull the trigger on a Onefinity. Guess that is what happens when you hang around the site long enough. Good luck though.

No problem - that is why I’m selling my X-Carve :man_shrugging: