“X” in 3D carve

What would be causing this “X” in this 3D carve? I’ve noticed it only on 3D carves.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Two things (but I’m a newbie so grain of salt). First, that’s classic pattern of an “offset” toolpathing strategy and with grained wood, you’ll get a nicer carve using “raster” with an angle a few degrees off of parallel to the grain. Second, it looks like you have too wide (by far) a step over. 3D carves are normally done down around 8% stepover at most.


Thanks John! Appreciate the tips. I’ll use your advice and try again. This was only my second 3d carve and it did the same thing last time. I originally thought it was speed & feed related. Luckily I’ve got plenty of scrap wood to keep trying.

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