Y-Rail Y-50 in the future?

So I would love to see the Y-rails upgraded to a Y-50 and the length increased to a minimum of 48” cutting length. Would be awesome if it could go out to a full sheet of plywood!


I kind of thought they might offer a 48" upgrade. It would give half-sheet coverage and easy tiling to full sheet, and would probably give them decent income/profit from fairly little investment. Going to full sheet begs for comparison to non-hobby machines, which I’m sure they’d like to avoid, mostly because their machines aren’t intended for that level of use/abuse.

My preference for order of upgraded capabilities would be:

  1. New 1F-supported 110V spindle (and 220 for those that want it, but 110 for those that can’t/can’t always have it)
  2. New controller with 4th axis support (and perhaps a 1F 4th axis)
  3. Improved cable management, longer standard cables (would be #1 if I didnt already have a machine)

@DavZell i agree with you on that. I think if they did come up with a full ply option they could compete with the major companies. Most of us hobbyist/small business owners would love to be able to those a sheet on the table and cut out multiple parts. But being able to upgrade an existing machine at a better price would be excellent. Most full sheet machines are 5 figure purchases. And with a spindle upgrade I think that would be realistic as I don’t know if the Makita would hold up lol! It would be nice to see them come up with a bigger spindle option with sleeves to adjust to different spindle/router options.

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