Your Shop Logo and Story

As I peruse Youtube woodworking pages it made me wonder what 1F forum member shop logos look like and how they came to be. So for fun this post is about your story and how you came upon your logo/brand.

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And so I will start this off myself.

Wow it sized a bit larger than I expected but let’s run with it.

We’ve (the wife and I) have been Dr. Who fans since it’s earliest days here in the US and continue yet today. Don’t ask me why, maybe it is because of the inane cheesiness or an attraction to “B” type movie genre I suppose.

The result has been years of a minor collection of Who based items…extending into naming the home we built “The TARDIS”. Of course it appears larger on the inside than it looks from the outside! You’ll have to be a “Whovian” to appreciate it all.

Accordingly, the shop’s logo could only be based on the that theme! Not as original as others I’m sure, but it is ours now.

So come on, let’s see yours and hear the origin story!


Mine is from some of Sci-fi book titles. Went from Silentmars Services to Silentmars Workshop now.

Also big fan of Dr Who. Did meet most of the Doctors since the 70’s, Tom Baker is my favorite. Still remember meeting John Nathan Turnner and Mathew Waterhouse (Adrick) Think one of my first sci-fi convention early 80’s.

I have a cybermen head model, I will be carving soon.


A Cyberman head would be great & you’ll have to post it up in the finished projects thread for us when it is done! Our daughter use to have a high end cookie business years ago and I still have a TARDIS (as well as the various evil foes) on display she decorated for me years back.

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SilentPoint Woodworks Logo

Setup and designed so I can ramp up at some point…

Edit: apparently this png has some non transparent blocks :slight_smile:


Because I’m full of bright ideas :laughing:


:house_with_garden: About | :rocket: Rimrock CNC


Hi all! The word Arbour is based off the Latin/Portuguese word for wood - árvore. Being a first generation Brazilian-American it only made sense to keep my heritage going.


We recently moved to a mobile home park in Phoenix named Central Park Village, so I thought it would be a missed opportunity if I didn’t play the “Village Idiot” card. :laughing:



I have to give my wife credit for my logo. She makes a lot of our designs while I work the technical side of our business. We started our business a few years ago as a epoxy countertop maker but have since moved into more woodworking and sign making after incorporating the 1F last year. This machine has really been a blast working with.


Still work in progress, but this one tells my story.

The name “Pak-Man” comes from my heritage, having immigrated from Pakistan; and the saw being in the shape of Pacman, represents my love for that arcade game.

The 7 point star, in place of Pacman’s eye represents my current job as the Law Enforcement Officer, and of course the bear, represents California…


Scott Meyer LOGO copy


I’ve been a hobbyist woodworking for several decades, looking forward to retirement when I expected to get more serious about woodworking. I came down with Rheumatoid Arthritis which caused an early retirement and really started to limit my woodworking. When I learned about the 1F I realized there was more woodworking ahead of me. The image is based upon Exodus 4:2 where God asked Mosses what was in his hand, Mosses’ reply was “a rod”; God used the simple tool currently in his hand to do a great work. I hope by summer 2022 to start a business; my motto is “Learning to thrive with what’s left”.


Here’s the one I carve on the back of projects:

Mainly because I’ve always liked the word “Amalgamated “!


I live in Huntington Beach. Had the logo designed for me. Couldn’t really think of a more creative name that people would like to have engraved on there items.


My former business was producing commercial casework, millwork and high end residential cabinetry of all kinds with special millwork. I had an old crosscut saw hanging on the wall behind my Altendorf F-45 sliding table saw. So when I started this new business, I wanted to bring something from that past experience into this new one.


Man you have great surfing there. I was stationed near there in the mid 90s at Tustin naval air station and use to go surfing at Huntington beach all the time. Don’t think the base is there any more but I imagine the surfing hasn’t changed, lol I think about surfing that beach all the time.

I have only recently gotten an official logo. My father and I will both be using the business name and logo now that he is retired and setting up his big workshop.

Last name had some rhyming qualities and I thought the tagline worked well as a follow up. Built by me, but made for you. Thought it emphasized the custom quality of pieces.

The logo itself I took the plunge and commissioned a contest on 99Designs. I said I wanted to emphasize the B, but did not want sawblades, hammers, chisels, or wood planes used in the design.


First letter of each grandchild’s name. I’m gramps lol.

card logo