Z-20 (Heavy Duty Z-Slider)

I recently installed the new Z-20 (Heavy Duty Z-Slider) on my machine and fit it with the Huanyang Inverter and 2.2 kw spindle everything is working great except for the Z axis, When I hit start it plunges down all the way it’s like the motor is losing power. Do I need to change something in the motor settings to correct this problem ?

Hey Dan,

yes, you need to load the correct configuration:

This applies to firmware 1.2.1 and later.

Should you be on firmware 1.0.9 or earlier, after installing Z-20 assembly, you need to set these values of Motor 3 on its MOTOR page manually instead:

  • travel-per-rev” to “10
  • min-soft-limit” to “-160”, and
  • max-velocity” to “7

This is what the “Pick your Z Slider Type” choice sets (as shown in the image) above when choosing “Z-20 Heavy Duty”. The Z-20 assembly will work correctly if you set it manually this way.

Note that additionally when using a heavier milling motor, you can adjust (increase) the ‘drive-current’ and ‘idle-current’ settings the “Motor → Power" section of motor 3 on the MOTORs page.

Should also stall homing on Z axis not work correctly, you may also adjust stall homing settings (see here for details).

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Thanks very helpfull. You wouldn’t happen to know the default password so I can ,upgrade the firmware

Hey Dan,

depending on firmware version it is either buildbotics, onefinity or simply nothing (press return)

Here is something I cant seem to figure out, when I zero the machine and start a new program the X position is about 12 inches off it reads 20" all the way to the right when it should read 32.125 like the Y
any ideas on what is going on with my machine could this have anything to to with some changes I made after installing a new Z-20 heavy duty Z slider

Hey Dan,

Is the ‘travel-per-rev’ setting on motor 0 set to 16? This should be the case on all X-50 machines, and set to 10 on all X-35 machines (of the Original Series).

If you loaded the correct configuration on ADMIN → Configuration → Reset → (choose correct machine) it should have the correct setting.

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