Z height after probe?

Is there a way to make the z height a inch or so higher after a z height probe? I’m always having to manually rise the z height to get my dustboot on after a probe.

Sure. If you have the gamepad then just use the right hand stick to raise it. Put your dust boot on and then start your program.

If you don’t have the gamepad you can also use the Z axis controls on the controller screen to raise the Z.

The program will tell the machine where to move the router to start & run the project. As long as the axes are homed and zeroed before starting, it doesn’t matter where you’ve moved the router before starting the program.

All of the axis movement controls are available after a probe but before/after a program is run. During the run they’re not active - like if the program (GCode) calls for a bit change - unless you inject some specific code in the GCode file or in the controller settings (there are some posts on how to do that).

I’m looking to modify the subroutine so it retracts high enough to put the dustboot on without having to do that every time.

try the latest 1.1.2 alpha