2.0.0 Alpha 2 BB Firmware (outdated, 3/30/23)

This is the third build of 2.0 Onefinity Firmware.

This has a major rebuild that is 64 bit which will work with either RPI3 (in all current controllers) or RPI4.
Our internal testing uses this pi4: https://amzn.to/3nqKT7i

Known Issues:
1366x768 resolution does not work on RPI4 Only


New features

  • Built of 1.2.1 Features (so missing all 1.1.1 features for stability)
  • Initial Wizard
  • After Reset is clicked, initial wizard will reinitiate.
  • Network moved to master list in flyout menu instead of under ‘general’ section.
  • Incorporates 64bit programing.
  • Gcode fix from 1.3.0
  • Backend Logging for debugging
  • Add File load prompt before loading any gcode.

If you experience issues or bugs, you must comment on this thread for us to see them. This thread is the ONLY place the developers will look to fix bugs, if you don’t post them here, they will not be fixed. By downloading the link below, you agree to post about bugs on this thread, and only on this thread (and not on the facebook group, the developers will not see it there and any facebook posts related to 2.0 alpha builds will be deleted immediately).

Download Link:


Ok. I’ll be the first to respond. Here are 3 issues I’ve encountered so far.

1st, the menu bar (aka burger menu) disappears after entering and exiting the menus a few times, this happens on both the 1F and remote laptop (source of screencaps).

2nd, the background in the “G-code” scroll area is extremely distracting and makes plenty of the G-code non-readable to us mere ocular challenged folk.

and lastly, but definitely the most bothersome, after loosing the “menu” bar, the only method to shutdown/restart is via a looooong power button hold, or killing the main power, which, even after being able to save some settings, on restart reverts to the “initial startup” screen with none of the previous items populated. I didn’t make a video of it but will if the devs need it.

Thanks, Eric


Definitely the exact same issue here re the Hamburger menu disappearing, but for me I have NOT found a way to get it back. My OneFinity screen has stopped working, so I can’t confirm it there, but remotely, the menu does NOT return after a long press shutdown and reboot.

EDIT: After fixing my screen (changing power supply), and rebooting, the menu comes back on the OneFinity screen after a reboot, but disappears again after a few menu uses.

I would like to setup a samba share from my 1F with this firmware installed, but I can not seem to login successfully when I SSH to the machine. I have used bbmc as the username and both the onefinity and buildbotics passwords, but both are denied access. Is there a different password for the 2.0.0 Alpha 2 build?

I have previously used the solution below on my 1F before this beta, and it works very well. In fact it would be fantastic if this was standard on all controllers (or at least a configurable option):

I’ve not tried that, let me know what you find out


@Developers, I see we apparently have 1.3 Alpha and 2.0.0 Alpha out in parallel. Can you advise which is likely to be the next production release? I am running the 2.0.0 Alpha, but if the way ahead looks like its actually going to be the 1.3 then should I revert to it?

1.3 is the next release

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Shouldn’t you take this post down if 1.3 is really the next release?

Is that to say the “2.xx” is dead or just not on the front burner as far as development goes? If dead, is the 1.3.xx versions supporting the RPi 4s?.

1.3 has taken president for quick fix of the two main issues. 2.0 is a major change and is still being developed!

1.2.1<1.3<2.0 is the path currently.

Thanks. Any info on what the SSH username/password combo is for 2.0.0 Alpha so we can setup Samba for file sharing?

It seems (at least when doing 3D carves) the time remaining countdown changes way too slowly. I just took a 1 minute video where the remains time only decreased 20 seconds. Note during this time, and likely for much of not all of this carve, the current time display has not moved at all. I can’t upload the video here cause it’s 60MB, but happy to put it somewhere.

New Build here:

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