2.0.0 Alpha 3 BB Firmware (latest beta, 6/23/23)

This is the third build of 2.0 Onefinity Firmware.

This has a major rebuild that is 64 bit which will work with either RPI3 (in all current controllers) or RPI4.
Our internal testing uses this pi4: https://amzn.to/3nqKT7i

Known Issues:
1366x768 resolution does not work on RPI4 Only


New features

  • Built of 1.3 Features (so missing all 1.1.1 features for stability)
  • Initial Wizard
  • After Reset is clicked, initial wizard will reinitiate.
  • Network moved to master list in flyout menu instead of under ‘general’ section.
  • Incorporates 64bit programing.
  • Gcode fix from 1.3.0
  • Backend Logging for debugging
  • Add File load prompt before loading any gcode.
  • Add simulated yes or now button.

If you experience issues or bugs, you must comment on this thread for us to see them. This thread is the ONLY place the developers will look to fix bugs, if you don’t post them here, they will not be fixed. By downloading the link below, you agree to post about bugs on this thread, and only on this thread (and not on the facebook group, the developers will not see it there and any facebook posts related to 2.0 alpha builds will be deleted immediately).

Download Link:

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OneFinity Firmware 2.0 alpha 3 (I hope this review is more helpful than confusing :wink: )

Test configuration: The controller and a PC, using Firefox browser, are hardwired on the intranet.
Woodworker with a Z-20, added X/Y proximity switches.

First impressions:

The default screen resolution on the controller monitor (the original 7" from
OneFinity) causes a lot of screen scrolling.
(The monitor is turned on before controller power up.)
I don’t know how this relates to known 1366x768 issue.
I haven’t researched the forum yet for resolution settings.

“Welcome … getting started” startup should have a metric/imperial choice.
Wi-fi setup could use a “Skip” option. (I know, “Next” works)

I did the “Welcome… getting started” and then changed all my particular settings.
I did a backup to the PC. See below, the controller settings will be lost on the next power cycle.

Same issues with disapearing Hamburger menu as mentioned in previous 2.0 posts.

To reproduce the situation:
After you get through “Welcome… getting started” settings,
go to the menu Admin and Restore setting. It will say success and
Without warning the monitor will go black and after 1:30 or so it
will flash rebooting. After 2 minutes the screen will be back with no menu.
Power off and on power up, the “Welcome… getting started” is back.

With just a few cycles, it seems that any setting change/save will cause
another “Welcome … getting started”.

To continue with testing, I ignored changing my settings after “Welcome… getting started” reboot.
I skipped homing during testing since I can’t save the necessary settings for proximity switches.

First I just cancelled the “Load selected file” window.
I don’t think it showed which file.

I did load a file from the PC and it displayed the part nc path, same with a second file.
(2 files not enough to test if loading and selecting files correctly)

I did a shutdown and a power up (“power-cycle”). It did not show the “Welcome… getting started” and
did the pop-up “Load selected file” window. I selected to load the file, it did.
I then used the control to delete a selected file so there was a blank field for selected file.
I did a “power-cycle” and again the “Load selected file” window. First file on the list I guess.

This “Load selected file” window confuses me. Didn’t 1.3 already have the last file used
loaded on power up? (I don’t remember and to hard to switch SD cards to check)
This is a feature???

The controller monitor goes black after serveral minutes of non-use.
Tapping the black screen has no effect.
Turning the monitor off/on has no effect. It doesn’t say “no signal” like
after powerdown. I started the PC browser to do a shutdown.

It would be nice that if there still is a signal to the monitor something is shown.
Is there a raspberry setting to keep the screen on during inactivity. Hate to see a
black screen when a part is running.

Thank you for your input. With what you’ve found so far, I’ll skip this version based on the missing burger menu, that one was a big enough irritant in “Alpha2”.


Does Pi4 need to have additional power connected to function? All I get is firmware not found. Did check SD card to make sure file loaded on. Wanted to give it a shot and see what comes up.

No, the power is provided through the ribbon cable connection on the side of the RPi.