80mm spindle and VFD choices

Good for you. I planed to do the same…

This should be number one on everyone’s list when selecting a spindle, or any electrical equipment for that matter. If it’s not listed then stay away.

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This is very hard to disagree with. I just pulled the trigger on the 80 mm mount. Do you have a 80 mm spindle that meets those requirements from a vendor in North America? I am enjoying a slow growth in customer orders. Many times I would like to use a 1/2” shank. After this come the journeyman x-50. I hope to order after the first of the year for delivery before June.

I’m considering ordering the Mechatron 80mm complete package. How difficult is it to connect to the Onefinity/breakout board for controlling the spindle start/stop?

I ended up going with a spindle, VFD, cable package from Vince at eDealers Direct LLC. I found him on EBay when I was looking for a good cable, I was concerned about the grounding on the spindle (you will get discussion about it being needed or not from others on here). The kit from him was a little more than buying on Amazon but by the time I added in the cables, it wasn’t that much. He beat his estimated delivery time by two weeks and it was the best-packaged kit I have ever received. He even sent me a video of my spindle and VFD on his test bench Wils VFD & Spindle Testing.. - YouTube

You can find him on Youtube Corvetteguy50 - YouTube or ebay https://www.ebay.com/usr/len1007?_trksid=p2047675.m3561.l2559 but you have to email him for a full kit or spindle.

Full disclosure, I am happy with my purchase but I have not used it yet. Journeyman is still on its way.



WilZirkle, I’m guessing this is a daedalus brushless spindle?
I want to quiet down things, for hobby use. Please let me know how it goes after setting up.

Other opinions on daedalus welcome…Thanks

William, planning to finish setup this week. I don’t know the spindle brand but took this picture for for someone else. It shows the logo.

Hi. Any update on the kit? I’m considering a plug-n-play kit myself and I was wondering how much more it would cost after you factor in things like good quality cables.


Kit has been great, i got a bad VFD that wouldn’t talk to my onefinity controller originally but it was quickly replaced once I identifiedthe VFD as the issue. As far as quality cables thats how i found the package i got. The guy who put it together was making the cables i wanted to get.

I just finished upgrading to the 2.2kw, water cooled kit from PwnCNC - Spindle Kit – PwnCNC

I’ve been very happy with it.


I had already looked at his website and videos and I’m very tempted to go this route also. It’s just that the exchange rate from CDN $ is killing me. Especially since I only just noticed last week that the 1F price on the website is in US $, which adds close to a 1 000/$ on my budget…

I purchased the PwnCNC 2.2 air cooled kit and I can say it was a simple install and having the 1F control the speed on the spindle is a great asset. If I read the instructions total time to run test without wood is about 30 mins from the box. I was lucky I had a 20 amp circuit I was not using any more. So far I would highly recommend it.

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20% Black Friday at PWN today, if you’ve not pulled the trigger yet…

I am only seeing 10% off when I add a spindle kit to my cart.

Oops, must be a newsletter only thing:

Do you have a referral code? I would be happy to add it to my order if it’s something that applies.

Thanks. :slight_smile: