Changes since 2022?

I purchased a QCW and Rolling Stand in 2021 and received it in February 2022 to assess whether on not I had room in my garage for a OneFinity Woodworker.

There have been a number of changes to the OneFinity WW lineup since that time, most notably the introduction of the Pro and Elite models. I am back to re-assessing the fit for me, and wondered a couple of things:

  1. Will the current models fit my frame?
  2. The weight of the WW Pro + QCW + Rolling Stand in case I need to suspend this from the ceiling to fit it into my workflows.

Thanks in advance.

Hey John,

yes, because the footprint of the PRO/Original Series and the Elite Series is identical. The only difference is the different stepper motors, and the Touch monitor vs. Touch Display CNC controller and its mounting arm. Also the PRO and Elite now have small 30 mm drag chains, but if you follow the link to “space to reserve around the machine”, there remains no difference.

You may use the dimensions I put together in this post:

I just can tell what my Journeyman X-50 and the QCW frame weighs, what I reported here. I have no rolling stand.


Very good information (as always) Mr Aiph5u, thank you again!

Thanks so much! I am leaning toward an overhead storage solution as I am all but out of floor and wall space, but have 10’ high ceilings.

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