Elite Table Builds

I’m not sure if there is anything here that adds to what has already been posted here but I have also been thinking about a table design for my second CNC router. A OneFinity Elite Woodworker will replace a smaller CNC.

I do bespoke designs for tooling/equipment etc. in Fusion 360. In addition to accommodating end joinery, pin-located extension(s) can be retrofitted to accommodate machining of small COTS enclosures and a possible rotary axis. It doesn’t (at least yet) address the tool storage and such requested by the OP but here are a couple of images of
what I have come up with so far FWIW.


UPDATE: Link “Dust boot overhang” is broken, here are working links:

Just run a cable track across the front of your bench and feed the wires through. It worked fantastically with mine. When I bought a tool setter, I just cut a small slit in the middle to feed that wire through too, so there are no sagging wires at the front.

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Would you mind my asking how much making a table like that is costing you? I played around with the idea of using extrusions for mine but the cost was pretty ridiculous. (I’m in Canada and suppliers are limted)

My aluminum extrusion table used ~$350 of extrusions (including cuts, tax and shipping). Here are the pieces I used. The 1M 4040 pieces I used as 4 corner legs and a center leg and ended up cutting them to the height I desired.
5x 4040 - 1M
2x 4040 - 1740mm
8x 2040 - 1700mm


Whoops! The 2 long 4040 pieces were 1700mm not 1740mm.

That’s really reasonable. Wish I could have priced one for that cost. I was coming up close to $600.

Your craftsman ship is impressive. I tried creating half laps for my table but it didn’t go as well as I would’ve hoped. If you’re interested in adding in a vacuum table I had an idea that could integrate quite well into your design.

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Who did you get the extrusions from if I can ask?

I used a company out of Houston. Here is the link.

I’ve used them for several projects. They are really good to deal with.

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Thanks, I appreciate it.

Here’s my Elite Journeyman table build.

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Curious as to how your fliptop table is working out. I’m in my design and customization phase and would like to hear any tips or improvements you’ve made. Were you able to find a way to improve the overall stability?

Awesome build @Keith_PDX !! Would you happen to have a bill of materials for your build? I’d love to copy a few parts of it. I’m currently doing a flip top for my elites and I think this with some pillow bearings would be killer and add some drastic weight savings.


then I added these to all of the corners, 16 in total. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0B56VNRGG
I added one additional cross brace using one piece of VSlot and 4 of their brackets. Order at the same time as the table and you’ll get free shipping.
Here are the casters. https://www.amazon.com/WEIBIDA-Adjustable-Retractable-Workbench-Equipment/dp/B08PVFLFSR

Its very stout and thus far I really am happy with it. Oh, you’ll also need to locally purchase the malmine sheets.


I love my table. I did end up making fold up legs for it to add some stability however it still moves more than i like but so far havent seen any issues with the amount of movement it has and have cut out some precise joints with no issues.

The flip top was a must for me as i just dont have the space so was a required trade off. If i had a bigger shop i would make a permanent top.

I also absolutely love the vertical table i made for mine. Works so well.

I dont really know what i would change as it stands for what i need. I guess if anything i would have made it longer by a few inches.

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Thank you…I have to have a ‘fold up version’ also. I’ll keep trying to find creative ways to increase its rigidity…

Here is the actual table based on the model in post ~ #121.

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How are those casters working out for you? Do you have 4 or 6? Do you find yourself tripping on them at all because they stick out a bit? I’m concerned about the caster capacity because the table looks like it will be very heavy…mine will be as well.

So my two cent I have elite foreman with 80mm spindle and four casters on my table. Its good to move around But When I am using the machine I also have level legs and push the table up and put nice big blocks under to support then bring the leveler down onto the wood.

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