Elite Upgrade Kit Ordered (discussion)

I emailed support and got no reply. Rolling into week 12(13 with the week they had off)

Nov 3rd, 11am. 42796 :see_no_evil:.

I think that’s whats getting people,the wait time was low, as time went on the time was increasing for new orders but why did the orders get behind and noone was filled in?. Silence is sometimes not any better than letting people know things are behind with updates.


42737, Got my notice, UPS target delivery Feb 2nd.


Same here. Mine also says February 2nd as delivery date. 42733


I am in the same boat, no return labels in the box(s) the were shipped for the upgrade. I reached out shortly after receiving the upgrade(s) and was told new labels would be in the mail asap. After another mail without response, I’m still waiting to ship some items back to Onefinity. I keep trying as not to be charge for penalized for not returning within 30 days

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I posted something about this on FB a few weeks ago and they replied telling me to email them at info@onefinitycnc.com. I did that 2x’s and they have not replied.

Hey Guys,
There’s been a bit of a delay in the elite upgrade kits. We’re waiting on 2 components that our supplier got behind on. One is motors, and the other is wires. Tracking, right now, shows that they will arrive on Early next week. If tracking holds true, we should be shipping out a bunch more later next week. The kits are ready to go, we’ve just been waiting on the motors and the wires.
So sorry for this delay, we’re working as fast as possible to get these to your door.


Now this is a great Post!!! giving all us OneFinity users some hope is awesome.
Thank You

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It’s coming! It’s just delayed in customs now, but hopefully tracking holds true this time (it changed showing it was coming this week then bumped to next week yesterday :frowning: )


How do we know where we are in the queue?

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Waaay behind the orderes that cost more and ordered after us :laughing: but i really don’t know lol.

I’m definitely getting frustrated about this. When I placed my order it said 4-5 weeks and I’m at about 3 and a half MONTHS. Maybe that was supposed to be 4-5 months? :grimacing:

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Hey all,

I’m wondering, what’s there to gain from these eternally long threads with no content to contribute to the topic of Onefinity CNC?

We ordered our Onefinity and we knew we would have to pay in advance and that there were monthes of backorder, and that we had no reliable information on when we could expect it to be delivered. So we forgot about it and moved on to more important things.

So it was easy to bear, and one day, about four months later, I looked out of the kitchen window and saw this:

So we had no bad feelings about it, and when it finally came, it was a good feeling too.

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I’m irritated because they DID give time estimates and clearly they were very, VERY far off from what the reality would be. If they had said up front “Look, it’ll be 6 months before you get this” I likely wouldn’t be upset, but to say 4-5 weeks and then having it be months past that feels disingenuous. If no one speaks up about this kind of thing, it’ll just keep happening.

If you don’t like the topic, you can feel free to ignore it…no one is forcing you to read every response and feel the need to reply.

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Hey Moar,

I understand you. I just suggested a way to deal with it to have less bad feelings. Maybe the purpose of such threads is to tell the others not to wait, but to do other things in life and then be positively surprised when finally the machine arrives :slight_smile:

That’s sound advice. Sadly in my case, I’ve already partially dismantled my Journeyman expecting to do the elite upgrade “any time now” and would have to reassemble it to work on the other things I would like to be doing with it. It also means that there is a giant section of my shop that is just full of a non-functional piece of equipment now for months :(. When I ordered the Journeyman, communication was VERY up front that it would take a great deal of time to get to me and I did exactly as you suggest. I regarded that as a pleasant experience. The elite upgrade is only different to me because the time estimate was nowhere near close to reality and communication about when there were delays has been very sparse. I’d be willing to bet if it weren’t for this particular thread, we wouldn’t have gotten any notice of shipping delays at all, since as far as I’ve been able to tell, there’s been no Onefinity-originated post about delays beyond their responses in this thread.

Anyway, I’ll stop harping on it at this point. I might just be better off cancelling the order at this point and doing my own upgrade from parts I can actually get.


Alpha5u You can say that because you got yours. so just go use it and let us complain. it passes our time. as we are doing other things.to take our minds of 1F lack of communication. maybe we should start a pool and see who gets there order first. but my order number is way past everyone else’s.

The last I heard from Onefinity is the parts where on a train and they would be here late this week. so maybe next week one of you will get your I hope.

Train arriving later tomorrow. Will have kits going out next week!


Hey Moar, hey all,

I feel with you. Okay then this thread also has the purpose to warn the others, to let the machine assembled and in service until you really have the upgrade kit in your hands :slight_smile:

I wasn’t advocating not contributing to this thread, I was just wondering if posting the frustration here can have any effect or change anything. I don’t think there is any particular gain for visitors to the forum other than feeling the frustration you all feel, other than wondering if there is somewhere else to order a CNC machine. Of course, that may be purpose enough.

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I know you mean well; but, your chiding of people for voicing their frustration comes off as you being a shrill for the company.

Here in America, we expect a company to perform as promised when a contractual obligation is agreed to. Onefinity had no trouble taking our cash immediately upon order, but they have not come close to upholding their end of the bargain as stated BY THEM on their website. Worse, they are not communicating effectively with their customers as to why the delay and when they expect it to be addressed. I for one would feel a LOT better about the delays if payment wasn’t taken until product was shipped.

As to your question, “what’s there to gain”…people are trying (using the only vehicle available to them) to get Onefinity to own up to this situation and do something about it.

Contrast Onefinity’s response to the windfall popularity for their products with that of the Chinese company Bambu Lab (maker of the awesome 3D printer that took the world by storm a couple of years ago). Bambu Lab communicated clearly and effectively, took ownership of the problem, and told people exactly how they were addressing it and when their customers could expect to see results from their actions.

I would also state that, one-on-one, the people at Onefinity are great to interact with and seem very nice and dedicated to providing great support to their customers. So, the inescapable conclusion is that this is a management/leadership issue.

You provide a TON of value to this forum and I respect you for that. However, this constant defense of what most customers would consider indefensible behavior doesn’t work with your American peers.

I’m not trying to “stir the pot” but I am getting tired of these comments, from people I otherwise respect, that try to invalidate the frustrations expressed (and rightfully so) on this forum.