GCode warning messages

I noticed these Warnings after downloading a file to the controller. I don’t know why or how to correct this. Does anyone else?
I use Maker with the OneFinity inch file format to generate the code.

Forgot to show an example of the many warnings:

Warning 230 Arc radiuses differ by 0.00100442mm
Warning 234 Arc radiuses differ by 0.001mm
Warning 251 Arc radiuses differ by 0.001mm
Warning 362 Arc radiuses differ by 0.00100235mm

Not sure that something as small as a thousand of an inch is going to all that much of a problem in woodworking … perhaps metalworking.

Hi dave,
In this case size doesn’t matter :slight_smile: I’m wondering why the warnings being are generated.

Perhaps something to do with the post-processor you are using?

Hey Ron - which post processor are you using? It might have something to do with the gcode for arcs (G02/G03) vs the arc ‘fitting’ with small sequences. But a thou of a mm is quite small.

Hi Tom- OneFinity inch with Maker post processor. Another point of interest might be that I see the warnings when I upload from my PC using Chrome but at the controller I do not see them.
Thanks for the reply

Hmmm, I don’t know have that SW so I can’t try to duplicate the results. If you can, upload the gcode and I will see if I get the same error. Or maybe you can load it into the demo site buildotics provides - you might be able to reproduce it there.

I have an email in to support as well. The file runs fine so I’ll see what they conclude.
Thanks for the thoughts

Warning 3 Not implemented: G64 (Set Best Possible Speed Control Mode)

Any ideas what this means?

Is there a list for what these different warning codes are for. It would be nice to have some kind of reference chart for these. I have seen plenty of posts about the z position warning. (which I learned can be triggered by having a short bit too far in the collet) but nothing on some of the other ones.

I think because you can’t control the speed of the router with the controller. I have been told to disregard the warnings I see from my PC uploads to controller.

when i googled that code I got G64 rounds the g code geometry and the G64 parameters adjust how much rounding to do.g64 It has something to do with the angles and the geometry not being efficient. I just couldnt find anywhere to explain any of this code or how it relates to what adjustments I should be making.


I found docs on the g-codes and what each one does. This information was not the easiest to find.

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Anyone else get the “File is large - gcode view disabled” message?
I found it amusing : )

Yep… Makes me sad :slight_smile: