New Makita router (RT702C)?

In Belgium, the RT0700C (220V version of the RT0701C) appears to be on the way out but there’s a new reference on the Makita site: the RT0702C. At first glance, the specs in the user manual appear similar to the old router but for a slightly higher max RPM, a longer power cable and a power indicated LED.

Not much more information (yet?). I hope they kept the same form factor so it will remain compatible with the 1F.

Hey Benoît,

interesting. If you not only search for RT0702CX3J on www but also search for RT0702C on www you also find it on the Netherlands and on the India Site: RT0702CX3J 230 V Kantenfrees

One difference seems to be that the RT0702C is 10 mm longer, you can see it clearly by comparing the images too: RT0702C Trimmer RT0700C Trimmer

Yet nothing about a RT702C on Germany Makita site: → Fräsen → Neue Produkte
Makita Oberfräse RT0700C
RT700C price comparison

Nor in France: → Routeurs

But it seems RT702C is available in Austria:

RT702C price comparison

In the link you provided, it says RT0702CX3J is EAN 0088381752701, same on site, and on this Austrian shop’s RT0702C seems to be EAN 0088381752619, you can find shops that sell EAN 0088381752619 (“RT0702C” without “X3J” at the end)

Hey Benoît,

j’ai trouvé:

Cette machine est munie d’une sécurité anti-redémarrage.

dans la page que t’as mis en lien ci-dessus.

Si tu compares la page RT0702C sur le site indien avec la page RT0700C au même site, et aussi les deux “Leaflets” respectifs sous “Support”, c’est à dire le Leaflet sur la page RT0702C au Leaflet sur la page RT0700C, c’est la différence apparente. Je crois que j’ai trouvé, ou as-tu trouvé autre chose? Je suppose qu’ils ont refait toute l’électronique si le dessus est plus haut maintenant.

Et dans le manuel RT0702C, il y a un nouveau paragraphe qu’il n’y avait pas dans le manuel RT0700C:

Protection contre le redémarrage accidentel :fr: :belgium: :canada:

Même branché, l’outil ne démarre pas si le côté “I” de
l’interrupteur est enfoncé.
À cet instant, le voyant lumineux clignote en rouge et
indique que le dispositif de protection contre le redé-
marrage accidentel est activé.
Pour désactiver la protection contre le redémarrage
accidentel, appuyez sur le côté “O” de l’interrupteur.

In the new RT0702C manual, there is a paragraph that wasn’t there in RT0700C manual (and neither in the manual of the 110 Volts version RT0701C):

Unintentional restart proof :us: :uk: :canada: :australia:

The tool does not start with the “I” side of the switch
pressed even when the tool is plugged.
At this time, the indication lamp blinks in red and shows
the unintentional restart proof device is on function.
To cancel the unintentional restart proof, press the “O”
side of the switch.

So bye-bye switching router on and off with ‘tool-enable’ function of Onefinity Controller :frowning:

Question is when they will make a version with this new feature for girly power too :slight_smile:

And when this version comes out there will probably be a rush for the old version, mostly because those nasty little trim routers like to burn out because they’re not meant for use in a CNC, and people (at least those who still fear a spindle) like to lay down a replacement

But I’m sure if you are ready to open the machine there will be a tweak possible to disable this feature.

Looks like this did not change.

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Girly power :laughing:

Indeed a light redesign that, on paper, remains compatible with the 1F.
The longer cable will be handy, higher RPM will not make a difference, the restart protection is a nice improvement for their intended audience (as annoying as it for CNCer).

I have not had the need to upgrade to a spindle yet. I would consider upgrading for a tool changer, if the price was right, but in terms of power and workflow the Makita router suits me fine so far. I don’t run the CNC daily… but I have ruined a few parts by getting a tool change wrong!


Just bought the new RT702C to test if I could make it compatible with the remote control panel. Just received it and ripped it apart. Looks like it should be quite simple to make it compatible with the remote control panel or other relay / SSR setup.

The controller is sadly not reasonable accessible for modding, its all potted. This is probably not interesting anyway, I think the anti-restart function is a software controlled function inside the microcontroller firmware. There’s a blue wire going from the switch to the electronic unit. This is a power sensor wire for the build in micro controller. If there’s power on this wire at powerup, then the router refuses to start. Simplest solution is to switch the router with this wire, and leave the router powered. Looks like it works fine but needs an extra wire to the router: “Live”, “neutral” and “switched live” (to the blue wire).

You have to make sure the wire to the relay that is switching the blue wire, is exactly the same wire that goes to the switch. If you connect neutral to it, and the switch has live then you might short circuit and blow up the electronics.

One thing of concern by going this route, is that the router is software controlled (with the build in Makita microcontroller). Might be a safety concern. Always use the switch to hardware-disable the router.

Another solution might be adding a short delay timer between the switch and the blue wire. But I don’t think this will fit inside the router. (it’s already cramped).

I sure wish Makita would tap into the wants/needs of CNC router people, and offer a model with a slightly lower RPM range and beefier bearings that would make it more suitable for metal cutting. ER-16 collet would be nice too, as long as I’m dreaming. :sunglasses:

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Is Makita a low volume business? I would think that if such a product ever exist, it’s more likely to be a third party like the Carbide router (it’s an ER-11 and still pretty high RPM so not at all what you ask for).

There are now so many third party collets for the Makita that I have found workarounds for pretty much anything I need to mount on the router. Recently I found a 10mm collet from Katsu, which I would not trust with a bit, but it’s been perfect to mount a Haimer 3D taster.

Lower RPM would be fantastic though, e.g. for drilling.

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And therein lies the issue: the demand for such a unit would not be sufficient to turn their heads.


Also I imagine that, should Makita decide to enter the CNC market, they would release a complete package, not just a router to plug into someone’s else machine.
Maybe a CNC/router combo, like Shaper or Goliath, rather than workbench product like the 1F but a finished product still.


I’m surprised we haven’t seen any of the big players release such a product. Onefinity, X-Carve (Inventables), Shapeoko, etc. aren’t exactly household names (well, they are in MY household, lol!) :sunglasses:

The holding company of Festool bought Shaper.

In my house as well! My daughter was at a student orientation fair, saw a machinist school proudly exhibiting a CNC and reportedly she asked “is that a job, for real?”
She thought milling were a hobbyist thing :laughing:


It would appear that the restart protection comes from new regulation.
In his most recent vidéo, Peter Millard is testing the Trend T12 and note that it has the same restart protection, as required by new regulation.

So ultimately this should come to all the routers on the market.

I’ve written a complete guide on my website how to hack the RT0702C:


Has anyone used or investigated using a cordless router with a DC power supply in place of a battery? Possibly with a PWM controller to create something of a poor man’s spindle set up to achieve lower speeds for some operations?

Just pointing out some ironies and not trying to be crass as I understand some people like to tinker…:+1:

For anyone who has thought that a spindle/VFD is too complex or expensive, I challenge you to read this entire thread and maintain that opinion :joy::joy::joy:.

And if anyone is wishing for Makita to “enter the market” with beefier bearings and lower RPM range just slap a Makita sticker on the side of a spindle and boom, all the features desired :thinking: , less runout :thinking: and Bob’s your uncle :+1:.

Just some food for thought…


Hey all,

now the time has come, the new model seems to arrive everywhere:

It’s now basically that even the cheap hand trim routers, like all electric hand tools, will not turn back on by themselves if they are disconnected from the power and then the power comes back. It was surprising that this was still allowed in the EU.

Hey Alex,

outside the U.S., the Makita hand trim router comes with 6 and 8 mm collets.

RT0700C (without anti-restart function) (no more available)
RT0702C (with anti-restart function) (needs the hack to work with a relay)


Hey Alex,

do you think it is a custom set? What’s its GTIN?

1/4″ is 6.35 mm and 3/8″ is 9.525 mm.

Oh its me being retarded. I had it in my head that 1/4 inch was just over 8mm but it isn’t hahahah. so yea they must be a 6mm and 8mm collets

Katsu sells as 10mm collet chuck that is compatible with the Makita.
I would not trust it with an actual bit but it is handy to mount a 3D sensor.