Onefinity is excited to announce the PRO Series


Onefinity is excited to announce the PRO Series

The Onefinity X-50 Series is now the PRO Series, making it the ultimate CNC machine for weekend warriors and hobbyists alike. With this change, we’re establishing three distinct categories of machine type.

ORIGINAL: Our flagship X-35 series machines will remain the same in build but will be re-labeled as the Original Series. This line of machines is perfect for a new CNC user who’s just starting out.

This machine uses the BuildBotics controller.

PRO: We’ve taken our X-50 series machines to the next level with a few upgrades that will be standard on the series moving forward. The PRO Series is getting three distinct upgrades.

  • Drag Chains with plug and play connections come standard on all PRO Series Machines

  • The Z-20 Heavy Duty Z slider will come standard on the new Pro Series

  • High Torque Stepper Motors used on the X-50 rails and Z-20 Heavy Duty Slider come standard on each axis, This machine uses the BuildBotics controller

ELITE: Our third machine series, the ELITE Series, features the same rail system as the PRO Series but has upgraded, closed loop stepper motors and the industrial grade MASSO CNC Controller.

So what’s so great about the PRO Series?

With powerful high torque stepper motors, heavy duty Z-slider, and high precision linear motion shafts, this machine delivers unparalleled accuracy and precision. The included Drag Chains with Plug and Play wiring make setup a breeze, while the large 10.8” touch display lets you easily control every aspect of your project. The included Joy Pad makes positioning your CNC incredibly easy and accurate while being a lot of fun! Upgrade your workshop today and experience the power and precision of the Onefinity PRO Series. The PRO Series are incredible machines at a price that’s equally impressive!

To learn more about all the amazing features of the PRO Series check out the product info sheet here: PRO BROCHURE

For a limited time, The PRO Series will be available at a 15% discount and will include a Joy Pad, Touch Probe, 1/4" Bit and one year subscription to Carveco Maker 3D CAD/CAM program .

Important: The PRO Series will go on sale December 4, 2023 at 10am EST. New orders will start shipping in 4-5 weeks.

Please Note: Any Customers that ordered a Onefinity X-50 during the month of November 2023 will be automatically upgraded to the PRO Series free of charge.

Upgrade Path? Of Course!

If you’re a current owner of our Original (X-35) or X-50 Machines, all of the necessary items to upgrade to the PRO Series can be purchased on our website.

To upgrade from X-50 to the PRO Series you’ll need:

To upgrade from X-35 to the PRO Series you’ll need:


The Entire Onefinity Family

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance, you are welcome to reach out to us either by email at or give us a call at: 1-888-717-4242.

General Disclaimer: While Onefinity has made every effort at the time of publication to ensure the accuracy of the information provided herein, product specifications, configurations, system/component/options availability are all subject to change without notice. Product design specifications and colours are subject to change without notice and may vary from those shown. Errors and omissions excepted. Images displayed are for illustration purposes only. The images are intended to help illustrate the product and it’s functions and are not indicative of actual relative differences.


I’m pretty excited about the drag chain upgrade.
Also, very fun to see Onefinity becoming a larger company since I got my X-50 (now pro :wink:) in 2020.


Do you guys know if the drag chain kit works with the Rowdy Roman dust collection system? I’m worried about the drag chain hitting the dust collection adapter on the back left corner of the machine.

yes, it’s totally separate!

Glad you love it! We think it’s great!

Found this little optional bonus in the Pro series photos.
Coming soon, Auto Control Box (ACB) allowing automatic control of router and vacuum on the Onefinity Pro.


Amazing! I’m glad I waited to grab my x50 woodworker!

I’d love to be able to upgrade to 50mm Y rails in the future.

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This is a nice set of upgrades to the original series - makes a lot of sense.

My questions

  • I ordered my X50 Journeyman on Nov 12 without controller. Will I receive the upgrade, or is it only for ‘full package’ machines?
  • Will this impact shipping timelines at all? I was hoping for a ‘before Xmas’ delivery which was already going to be tight. If there’s a delay due to reworking packaging I should probably have alternate plans in place for my downtime between Xmas and New Year’s

I meant just in terms of a collision on the back side of the y axis since the Rowdy Roman is attached on the back left corner of the machine.

ah, that’s a question for rowdy roman!

  1. you will get the upgrade (but still not get a controller)
  2. they are a bit behind as we held onto the orders to upgrade them. They will ship real soon!

Great! Thanks, and I’ll wait for the shipping notice.

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Does the Nema-23 upgrade just swap out the Y axis steppers?

I cannot wait to get my upgraded ‘PRO’ dream machine (ordered in November). Thank you, Onefinity Team! Once again, your actions speak for your commitment towards your customers.


Are there any instructions somewhere for installing the Nema 23 High Torque motors on the y axis? What configuration changes need to be made in the software once installed?

Just swap out the y motors, yes.

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This is the elite, but very close to the same:

No software changes need to be made.

Thanks, so no changes like when you install the Z-20…

Z-20 is different as you had to make software changes, but that was due to the physical length of the z slider being longer than the old one by 30mm and the ball screw pitch was different, so it had a different numerical rotation. None of which involved the different motor.

If your just switching motors, no software change is needed.


Fantastic, many thanks!

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