Post up them projects

13" x 7.4" I made it for a friend of mine so I found an image, imported it in SketchUp, and copied the hole pattern. After that, I exported it as a dxf and put it in vcarve. The rest of it was designed by what I thought looked good. I have a different file of a hockey rink with the stands that are raised that I might put on Etsy.

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Haha. Such is life. It’s likely be one of my kids to use it as a seat.

maybe just a list of what you did.

I’m in Maine…I think there would be a good market for this and there’s a lot of coastline. I’m a guitar maker but it would be cool if the machine was making money for me in the background. Not sure how realistic that would be but it’s interesting.

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A quick summary of what I do includes

  1. Getting a screenshot of a depth map. I get mine from Navionics
  2. Import that image into a software where you can freehand the contours of the depths. I use SketchUp and I have access to the pro version which is important for the next step.
  3. Exporting those lines as a dxf
  4. Import that dxf to vcarve
  5. Make sure all vectors are closed
  6. Then scale, smooth, and do toolpaths

ah so there’s no way to automate it from the nautical chart?

None that I’ve found unfortunately

Thanks. Are there 8 holes on the “court?” If yes, what do you consider their purpose to be?

Nesting storage crates. Needed various sizes of boxes to contain our mason jars, so made these from regular birch ply and oak dowels to fit the different jar heights exactly by a parameterized design.


Nope, no holes on the rink. Just tried to match a regulation rink.

First real 3D carve ( one other practice piece)
Quite a learning experience.
This is 12x9x1.5 teak.
Finished with beeswax and mineral oil.
I think it turned out pretty good.



Looks great. Nice burnished look to it.

Finished closet bench and Charcuterie board almost ready for finish


this is crazy i was thinking about doing something just like this just from walking passed the tv and seeing vikings then thinking about the celts in a train of thought. now im seeing something similar to what I just imagined in my head (was even black epoxy 2) . eerie. nice work.

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These are great. What software do you use to translate the data into usable files?

Here is a brief summary of what I do to get these. I use Navionics by Garmin (free version), SketchUp pro (free access through work), and Vcarve Pro.

I made these salt and pepper shakers for our dinner table. They are approximately 1.75" square and 2" tall. The “Thanksgiving 2022” is on the opposite side of both . Cherry with maple turkey. The turkey is not flush with the surface on purpose



I just got my 1F fully functional today after a few days of setup and frustration! This was one of my first jobs and just a test run so nothing super special but it came out perfect and will be very functional for me. I’m big on organization. This is an insert for my tool box to organize all of the router and CNC bits I have.
I purchased the laser add-on for Vectric and it worked very nicely. I loved being able to just add another toolpath and not having to worry if if I converted everything over to Lightburn correctly. Lightburn is still very useful for laser only projects but for a combined project, VCarve Pro with Laser add-on can’t be beat. Morgan’s Spoilboard design came out pretty nicely as well but holy cow does MDF make a lot of dust.


Gosh! How long does this take? Bet it’s right up there. Stunning!

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Tung oil finish going on charcuterie


The spoilboard took about an hour. The tool box organizer took about 20 mins and the laser engraving was only about 4 minutes once I got the right settings. I did a Lightburn material test on mdf before doing this project and that took an hour. Ironically, the settings on the test didn’t quite match the when doing it for the actual project. However, it was super easy to go back and bump up the settings and do it again.
Since I just got everything a few days ago, I was a little irked by the release of the quad laser today. I would definitely have been interested in that but there is zero chance I’m forking out another $1,200 when I just paid $800 something for this one and there are no trade ins. This one still works well but the grass is always greener!