Post up them projects

So I have had my 1F for about 6 months.
I am continually amazed at what this machine can do.
Here is my latest project.
I purchased the file online.
The wood is teak and the finish is mineral oil and beeswax mixture.



A last minute rush job for a coworker’s daughter to break in my journeyman gantry upgrade. A softball trophy shelf.

Not my most finely finished piece, but i didn’t expect a cold snap to make glue ups and finish drying difficult.


Is that a vacuum table?

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New lumber cart.

Cuts from a half sheet of 3/4 plywood and (8x) 2x3s. Fun organizational project.


Thank you
I am learning a lot (and having a blast) :smile::crazy_face:

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Designed my own 2 1/2" dust collection blast gate.
Purely a proof of concept idea, I wanted to see if I could do it.
Created in VCarve, cut on my WW X50.
Made from a pine board in the scrap pile- I don’t think it will actually get used. I’m thinking the “collar” parts would probably collapse if I were to try squeezing the hose on with a clamp.
Fun little project when I was bored, and I needed a break from making things for everyone but myself :wink:


First 3d carve. Made this plaque for a Navy buddy of mine.


ok i keep seeing this topic and i look at it again and again but i do not see where the beginning or the end is to actually post up my projects in this thread where do you “insert yout project” ?

Hey Robert,

you see on the right, at the end of the scrollbar, there are two icons. One is an angled arrow, the other is a bell. It’s the angled arrow. You got to move a bit up so that it appears, it disappears when you’re at the end of the page.


Hi Mike.
Love it. Looks to me like the thicknexx of the collar would be more than enough to withstand the clamp pressure.
Would you mind sharing the file. I would love to test it out as buying the blast gates can get very expensive.

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Sure thing if I can figure out how to post an attachment file.
blast gate.crv (29.5 KB)


Very nice. But instead of carving the hose adapter, try this. Carve a recess instead and epoxy an actual piece of plastic pipe in place. Less carving, more strength.

That file is in the Carveco facebook users group file section. Its a public group so you should be able to join it if you are not already.

As someone who canceled his Facebook account a decade ago, I am thrilled when people post here instead there.


Made this ottoman tray out of walnut finished with Arm-R-Seal Satin. Tray is 18 in x 24 in.


So this wasn’t the first thing I have made, but it is the first one that wasn’t super boring.

It is a coin shelf for a good friend that retired from the Marines. It is made out of English walnut, with a maple inlay.

Made plenty of mistakes and learned a ton. It was a two piece carve. I carved the base first, screwed up the engraving, pivoted to an inlay to cover my mistake, and used the laser in the light wood to redo the text. The name and rank were engraved and filled with epoxy, and the rank insignia was masked off, hand painted and carved in multiple stages. The top piece was carved face down so that the shelves were blind on the front and there was no joinery showing.

I somehow only got one photo of it before I gave it to my friend. The most nerve racking part was the cross country plane ride with it in a suitcase.


Business Cards


Those are beautiful! What sort of wood did you use?

I looked into doing business cards with RFID chips in them a while back but ran into a couple of issues with the wood being so thin and put it on hold. I’d like to revisit it some time though.