Post up them projects

The cards in the pic are cherry.

My first project even before I trimmed the X-axis. It was a quick learning experience using Vcarve Pro software.


This is the latest project, although many in-between - this is my first using Aspire which I recently upgraded from Vcarve pro


Picture of my next Catan board in the production fixture.


This will be one of my project when i have more confidence. But les Paul is my favorite guitar of all time. Looks awesome

Total agreement about Lester! When you start carving on it please be sure to keep us posted on progress and lots of pictures too.

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The cutting board isn’t a CNC project, though I did flatten it on my 1F.


Ready to slot on bandsaw

Ready to hotglue in place
Epoxy time

Tung oil finish
Ready yo cut the cheese


Busy weekend.



Could you share where you picked up the Air Force file? I have a V-carve file but yours is much more crisp and stands out well.

What are the dimensions of this piece? How long did it take to carve?

BIGDAVECNC - Etsy is where I got the military insignias. 20$ pack had all branches. price is going up soon because he is adding space force to the pack.

25.5x14 inches. total carve was 42 hours, but that was with jerk at 1000. new projections are 24 hours with jerk at 14000 and plunge at 100

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Version two of my spatula. This time with a sliding dovetail that goes full length to fix the problem of handles popping off.

Figured walnut with a madrone dovetail and stainless pins.

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That last one is amazing!

Thanks sold it in a day

Cherry Harley ( i know) 12 3/4 x 8 3/4 x 1/ 1/8


Did you make these files or buy them? I would love to make these for my mother.

Nice work, they look so clean and smooth! Any tips on minimizing sanding? If I were to try this I’d have lots of little attached fibers.