Roundover bit setup?

I am doing a christmas tree tray for candy and such. I want to round over the edges inside and out. should i use the outline and go on the inside of the line using a profile toolpath then do the same thing using the outside of the line using the profile tool path. or is there some other way to do this using the onefinity ? by the way i use v carve pro 11.5. thanks in advance.

I’ve followed this video with success. Carveco Maker Tutorial - Using a Roundover Tool - YouTube

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It is both difficult and potentially dangerous to try and use a roundover bit that is supposed to use a guide bearing. What you want is called a “point cutting roundover bit,” which is designed for a CNC. With such a bit, you make a profile pass directly on a vector offset inward by the radius of the bit to create a roundover that becomes vertical right at your cutout vector (with a 1/4 roundover, you would create an offset of 1/8 inch inward from your outside edge. You reverse the process (an offset outward) from the interior wall vector).


I just bought the Whiteside 2050 bit. Don’t have it yet, but there are YouTube videos that show how to add the tool to vcarve

that is exactly what i bought from IDC woodcraft. i was simply asking how to use it. thanks

I used a similar round-over bit: the Amana 3/32" #56143, to make a pumpkin tray. Tools Today published a video for it here: I purchased the plan from them for the tray, which includes a VCarve file. The round-over bit is set up in VCarve as a v-bit with a .2013 diameter, a .0925 cut depth, and they ran it as a profile path on the inside of the pocket vector (or outside of the outside cut-out profile).

They “tricked” v-carve into allowing it to cut outside of its defined diameter. It worked well, though, as there was no “step” to the curve - I think trying to run in directly on the profile line would have left a step in the profile.

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thats a good bit i use it regularly

I’ve never used it but last night I designed a board in VCarve pro. I used a profile toolpath and machined “outside” and used an allowance offset of -.125 because the bit has a 1/8” radius. The model looked perfect, so I will see how it cuts in real life

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I am still waiting on receiving the bit but as suggested here i ran it in vcarve and it looks like what i wanted


Looks good. I am going to test first on scrap to make sure it works as designed

When i received the bit i found that it was a 1/8th radius bit and i have no way to add it to the tools database I have tried everything but to no avail. all freaking day today and i still can’t do a supposedly simple tool database addition of a 1/8th radius form tool. no one seem to be able to tell me how and I can’t find the little &^%$ online anywhere to simply download it. who sells a bit that can’t be added to your tools database?

Where did you buy the bit and do you have the dimensions of the bit? The image of the bit needs to be imported or drawn out and then added to the tool database as a form tool

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IDC doesn’t sell whiteside bits. Did you buy from IDC? If so just download the tool info and import it

I bought it from IDC, and as to downloading the tool info I have been looking all efing day for it. there is no downloading of the 1/8th inch round over bit that I can find that is why i am so frustrated. I downloaded the entire database and there is no form tool listed for the 1/8th round over bit. the 14 inch radius one is on it but not the 1/8th radius bit. abd it wont let me modify it either.

how does one import an image of a bit?

Hi If you have v-carve , have a look at Mark Lindsey he as a lot of video.
importing bits


Not sure what I’m missing here. If you bought from IDC, then go to his website and sign up and it will email you a link to download the IDC tool database. I just did it earlier today


I have done that atleast seven times today no link was forthcomming not in email not in spam nada it is as if i didnt exist

I would just email Garrett directly his email is on the website. He is very responsive. Just to double check, the first screenshot here is on the website where you sign up, then the second is from the email where I downloaded and imported to VCarve. My email came within a couple minutes


I emailed him last night and this morning he responded with exactly what i needed thank you for your interest in this.