Size of Dust Collection hose for Suckit Pro

I have the Onefinity Elite Foreman on order with the Suckit Pro dust boot. I would like to know what size dust hose I need to go ahead and add it to my dust collecting system so all I have to do is put it together and turn it on, and suck some dust.
Thanks everyone

2.5 is what I got with my elite foreman

Thanks Dan, did you go with the Suckit Pro for dust collection?

Yes I did and I am not that impressed, maybe it is just me I am a newbie so I am working with what I have and slowly will figure out everything enough to make something……lol

I’m right there with you. I have never done any kind of CNC stuff. I barely do any actual woodworking. Just figured I’d give it a go and see if I can find something to do with my time. Thanks again.

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Welcome to the forum and to the club of “Unknowers”.

I too am in the same boat. I come from a family of amazing woodworkers but I chose to spend 25 years on active duty. I have all the tools from when family upgraded theirs and as sorry as it sounds I to this day (54 yrs) cannot cut two straight lines to make a 90 degree corner, there is always an issue that happens……Go figure. I have the concept in my mind but no hands on experience, hence the CNC

You find that the people on this forum are just amazing, knowledgeable, and are not rude or critical, unlike other forums.

If you have a question no matter how stupid you think it is the people on this forum will walk you through it. When I was a Drill Sergeant and we had to hand walk trainees through a drill we would say, “I’m gonna break this down ‘Barney Style’”. That what these amazing people on this forum do. Explain it to a point. Where you can comprehend and understand the concept.

After a few looks and research, I’m not sure about the Onefinity Suckit Pro Dust boot. I would like some feedback on PWN CNC dust boots for Onefinity. Are they a more durable, user friendly, and work great with the Elite Foreman? Any other brand or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Dan, I too retired after 20 yrs, Navy, and then retired from the State of KS in 2018. I actually had never heard of CNC until just a few months ago. I’ve been trying to figure out the Vetric Vcarve I purchased with the Onefinity, and that is a challenge, but getting there. Hopefully I’ll have that part at least to a point I’ll be able to use the CNC when it gets delivered in August or Sept. I made a trip to Rockler 2 days ago and purchased some CNC bits. Freud 8 pc set. Anyhow, when I got home I found the same set on Amazon for less. Oh well, they all have to make their $$$. Good luck with the CNC, and I’m also trying to see if anyone has use other Dust Collecting boots that work better and last longer than what I’ve heard with Onefinity boots. Thanks again.

Hey Bub, hey Dan @DaddyDan,

the other day I wrote this: What is the best dust boot for Onefinity?. It doesn’t really answer the question but provides you with links.

I also wrote What is the difference between a workshop vacuum cleaner and a dust collection system? and concluded that according to the most reports, the best for Onefinity is not a shop vac but a dust collection system (for the reasons explained), however recently I read this report of the use of a workshop vacuum very comparable to mine (that I did not yet intend to use on the Onefinity CNC), which leads me to the assumption that if you use a shop vac, you should use a dust boot that unlike Suckit Dust Boot or the onefinity-green PwnCNC v8 (sold exclusively as part of the Onefinity Infinite Dust Collection Kit) (see also PwnCNC v8 on PwnCNC website), you should use a dust boot that does not restrict the cross-section area of the hose’s cross-section area (here: 70 mm circular diameter (imperial: 2½″)) like the PwnCNC v7 or the Nighthawk, and that you should not use the 35 mm / 50 mm hoses of the shop vacuum, but rather the optimal hose diameter of 70 mm troughout the entire length, especially when you connect a cyclonic separator between dust boot and shop vacuum. By the way, I also own one of these pocket thicknessing planers, and it has a 70 mm outlet too, and you can assume that a thicknesser produces not less (rather more) chips than a CNC router.

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Yeah Dan, I have a Harbor Freight dust collector I’ve converted to a two stage dust collector with a cyclone and filter. I have 4" pvc running with dust gates letting me hook up 4" hoses. I can’t seem to find any PVC coupling (T) that goes from 4" to 21/2 for the Suckit. I am ordering the PWC air cooled spindle May 26 (that’s their 20% off day). I saw the V7, but they said it won’t work for some reason. I’m getting the 80mm spindle kit, and PWC has a new V10 that is being made to fit the foreman elite, but it’s $140. The v10 can be either 2.5 or 4 inch. I may just go with the 4, that’s what all my other machinery uses. I already paid for the Suckit Pro, but if it doesn’t hold up, I may be ahead by going ahead and order the PWC at the same time and get the 20% off. It’s only money, and having a spare may not be a bad idea. It’s like life I guess, learn as we go, one day at a time.

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Hi Aiph5u,

You mentioned that “you should not use the 35 mm / 50 mm hoses of the shop vacuum, but rather the optimal hose diameter of 70 mm”.

Can you explain how you connect a 70mm hose to a shop vac with a 38mm outlet? I am assuming you’d need an adapter which I can’t seem to find. Thanks

I 3d printed an adaptor for my dust collector from the main inlet which is larger than 4” to 2.5”. It seems not even Amazon or a China based website can help sometimes and you got to roll up your sleeves and make it happen

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do you know where to get a adapter to fit the suck-it hose fitting? I bought a variety of Rigid adapters and none fit.

Get the knight hawk dust boot he is on Etsy best boot out there

Hey IPA,

sorry for the late reply!

As the connectors on shop vacs are usually proprietary, you would need to 3D-print an adapter, at least for the last adapter that directly goes into the shop vacuum cleaner.

I saw the setup of Ed @cymro99 who connects a hose from Oneida to a Kärcher NT 40/1 TACT TE HEPA. I don’t know if there exists an adapter that Ed used to attach the hose to the vac, or if an adapter needed to be 3D-printed.

I think as long as I have not bought the Felder AF 22 that I intend to install in my planned new workshop when I will be able to move, I could try to connect my Festool CLEANTEC CTM MIDI I to a 70 mm hose with a 3D-printed adapter that I think I will design myself based on the festool hose connectors, or maybe there is such a 3D file already available somewhere

Thank you so much for the reply and recommendation. I will head to Etsy and see if I can find it, again thank you.

I checked out the dust boot, and not sure what I need, so I message them to see it they can help me choose the correct size and all. Also to see it they have a store in KC that I can visit and check things out. Thanks again for your response and suggestion, I do appreciate it.

Are you in the States or Canada? Home Depot sells a kit of Shopvac adapters. If I recall, there’s one that’s 2.75" (70mm) O.D. on the large end.

BTW, you can almost always use a heat gun to resize hoses/connectors/adapters of the same O.D. so one fits over the other even though cold they don’t mate together.