When's the anniversary? Credit card ready

What’s the actual date?


But what will the new accessory be?

So many options: improvements to the clamps or dust collection? an FDM 3D printer head to complement the laser and router? a 4th axis? or something really game-changing such as a tool changer for the Makita?

What would be your guess? And anyway we’ll know soon enough.

I think the 80mm spindle is pretty much confirmed at this point. Possibly a larger version. Maybe drag chains.

I am eagerly waiting also. I would love to add the 80mm spindle to my soon to be shipped CNC

Cesar - 21 May - they are still in the “planning phases” for what the “party” will bring :wink:



I’m ready for tomorrow. Looking forward to the party and spindle mount. @OnefinityCNC can we expect anything tomorrow or is the party on a different day. Or am I ruining a surprise party by asking?


where will the announcement be made?

Is there no Santa Claus?

Cookies and milk on the table next the computer. Check.
Went to bed early. Check.
Tossed and turned through the night with visions of sugar plums and 80mm mounts dancing through dreams.
Awoke this morning with the joy of anticipation illuminating the day.
Rushed to the computer. Uh oh - cookies and milk untouched.
http://www.forum.onefinitycnc.com” (tap tap tap, a tappity tap tap tap. TAP!)
Huh? What the heck? Nuthin? Crickets? The inconsolably lonely sound of cosmic winds in the deep black emptiness of space?
Where’s the BEEF?!


:joy::rofl: Sums up my night and early morning. C’mon Onefinity, TAKE MY MONEY… PLEAASSSSEEEEE…


I hear ya, I’ve been up 48 hours waiting with card in hand! Come on OF help us out.

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In theory – TODAY. But…

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I’m glad I’m not the only one reloading their page every 15 minutes today…


Given the excitement and anticipation, I am sure the 1F team will let us know if their announcement will be delayed much past today. At least that is my hope.

If they just made a simple statement it could alleviate a lot of anxiety for some people.

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Well I believe they did, and there is still time based on that earlier statement. I think everyone will handle the waits and delays differently. I am currently patiently waiting for my 1F shipping status to change. For now I am looking ahead to a wonderful long weekend.

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Well the Anniversary was May 21, 2020 at 9:00am. That has come and gone so maybe it will not be today.

I hear no chat of waiting for a discount just new accessories… Personally the only thing I hope is that I can change my order (which is still a couple months out from shipping) to include the new things if I so choose. I don’t think they should have a problem with that. Maybe I am missing something but I am wondering why some are waiting to order ? Will only take longer to get started ?

I personally am assuming new accessories will be in limited supply. The machine is already deeply discounted, so why would one expect that.

That’s why I’ve been up since the wee hours of the morning, hoping to be one of the first people to order.

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It would be nice if someone from OF could tell us if we are wasting our time waiting for the new accessories today! It would be much appreciated as we all have a lot to do. Ty