Touch screen blinking on and off

touch screen keeps blinking on and off (10.8)

I had the same thing - many people have.
Search the forum for monitor flickering.

Here is one answer:

For me I had to replace the HDMI cable but many people just have to make sure the usb cables are plugged in properly.

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Is this all the time or only when the router is running?

Screen goes completely black, stays black for 10 to 20 seconds and does this for 5 to10 minutes and then maybe stays on from then on or starts all over again. Thought I had it fixed by changing HDMI cable but started again a few days later. Plugged into wall, checked cables, Moving cables around makes no difference. Changed HDMI cable again, no change. Have resolved to just waiting it out till it stops. Sometimes it doesn’t do it any more the rest of the day. Sometimes it does it for hours. Shut down and back on many times , no help. Laptop connected to network does not have this problem which leads me to believe the problem is the screen.

Did you ever get this issue resolved? I got my X50 yesterday and I’m having the same problem. I’ve swapped out the USBC cable for new . . . even tried a different power block. I switched the inputs around, but then I don’t get any touch function and it still flashes. Tried a new HDMI cord. Nothing changes it.

Its as though the display isn’t receiving and power from the AC adapter.

I went through 3 new HDMI cables to get one that worked consistently and the screen still gos on and off every now and then. This pie operating system is pretty ancient, I’m going to try a real cheap cable next.

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The blinking is a known EMI issue. You should see drastic improvement with either a ferrite or separation of the router and screen on different circuits.

I put the display on a separate circuit. Seemed to do better for a little while and then started up again.

A separate circuit was the second thing I tried, I am now running it on a UPS and the UPS is on a different circuit than the router. Still the screen blinked on and off several times yesterday while setting up a project. It finally stops and works fine the rest of the day. It seems to be mostly a warm up thing. Annoying but workable. Best fix I have found is to start and home the machine and then do something else for 20 30 minutes.