Update error or what?

My machine was still on 1.0.8 till yesterday, i updated to 1.0.9. Now as code is running it disappears and reappears as in video. Never did that on 1.0.8. This a bug or what?

[OT] Wow, 25 MB for 11 seconds. Is it important to be able to identify the shape of every TFT of your display to understand the meaning of the video? If traffic and cloud space contributes significantly to climate change… And I try to reduce all my pictures that I upload here to 500 K. Then I am reassured about my joke here (which was for once 9 MB) (for 3 minutes!). I already had a guilty conscience because of the size… :slight_smile:

I had to download your video to watch it running fluidly, and mplayer said:

**** Your system is too SLOW to play this!  ****

And I built this new computer this year!

Is there a special reason why you have to lie on the right side to watch it?

Hey Randall,

I watched your video but I have not seen such behaviour, I’m on 1.0.9 too.

Does the g-code program run without errors?

Note that the chrome browser installed on the controller is a several years old version and that the Raspberry Pi 3B inside the Onefinity Controller that runs the browser is not a desktop computer. Do you have the same behaviour on a recent browser on a remotely connected computer?

Yes it seems to run without errors. It didnt do it on 1.0.8 day before yesterday. I knew i should of left well enough alone. The chrome version is the same that was running 1.0.8! So why on 1.0.9 it decide to act stupid and not keep up?

Time and date off 4 2yrs also. Cant figure out how to do that update. I hit the update button and if says time is in the past and wont update.

Are there other things i need to update on the raspi?

I recorded with my cell phone. It recorded in very hi def. Sorry! It was also in landscape mode. Laying on right side is more comfortable. :rofl:

But Thanks for getting to the reason of why I posted it in the first place! :rofl::rofl:

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Good morning Randall,

here is something about setting date and time

Hey Randall,

the OS is outdated but you can’t update it.

But Onefinity seems to work on a 2.0 version that is in alpha state and plan to switch to a Raspberry Pi 4 one day for new machines.

But the Raspberry Pi 4 will not fit the openings for the connectors on the existing Onefinity housing

Doesn’t sound like much help for me.

Hey Randall,

you could write to support@onefinitycnc.com